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Well it looks like another Ozric tour and more fun for more people. I just can't wait. With some new songs and tricks, we should be amazed again. I'll cut the chatter and give you the dates. The * denotes confirmed dates.

That ought to keep the boys busy and give you a destination to strive for. I'll be making as many gigs as possible to help spread the good cheer. I'll be looking for you. I'll be carrying my book of Ozric goodies to share. Remember that book is full of goodies from not only me but from the fans that helped out. If you could please help out with pictures, newspaper clippings, and so on. These are major scrapbook food (goodies). Thanks again for all of the help. Subscribing to the "T of E" is still $3.00 each issue. I'll try to keep it a quarterly release. More good news! The "T of E" has its own bank account. So now you can make your check payable to the "Tentacles of Erpland" or to me, Jim Collins. Either way all of the money goes into the account. You may also send up to four subscription payments at a time. That would be a year. All profits (which there probably never will be) stay in the account and are used for the next "T of E". Please put a memo on your check or money order for the "T of E" III because we might get them mixed up with the "T of E" II as some subscriptions may come in late. This fanzine is a non profit organization. I lose money on each issue. I do it for the love of it, for the band. The "T of E" will keep getting better. Bank account, color pictures, these are just a start. Come on everyone, the Erpland Express is calling. The "T of E" are ready. Write or call any time for info.



Arborescence Well, of course, it is on the new one. I and we just couldn't wait. So here it is folks. Astro Cortex: Starts from the past with a Velmvend sound that quickly turns into an electronically driven speed almost metal sound (Ed really gets a hard sound for this one). This is the way to start an album. With this high speed toe tapper you are sure to start the album over again.Yog Bar Og: This is a very traditional sounding song. This could fit on any Ozric album or tape. It is a well rounded piece of music. There are lots of changes here, so get ready for laid back lazies and head crashes that will knock your headphones off. Arborescence: I have just been transformed. I can't get a feeling of what it is I am. I think, I might be a butterfly floating around in the sky under a large tree. It is shading me from the sun and emitting a pungent Effulgent aura, a beautiful scent. I am just intoxicated with it. All of the other creatures like to come here too. Ahhhhhhh Al Salooq: My favorite. We are in India now and the trip has taken us far away this time to a beautiful place. A bazaar, where I hear flutes playing and see jugglers and all sorts of beautiful things. No - I am in the jungle. I feel a little adventure and danger but then we are back safe. Dance of the Loomi: We are back in merry old England now at a festival dancing our troubles away. I think I am a little tired from going to India. I'll sit this one out while everyone goes mad, dancing. What a perfect swirl of music. This is great techno, Ozric style. No smashing bass drum to hurt my head, while excellent synth on synth weavings take place. The bass plays the bass drum part. Merv is playing all sorts of interesting little rhythms. But what is a loomi? The closest thing I could find in my dictionary is a "loom". It is a duck like bird that dives into water to catch its prey and they make a very strange sound. Sounds kind of Ozricy, doesn't it????? Myriapod: Another fast one. This tune has a bouncy feeling to it. Intense synthesizer parts from Joie and Ed. A good strong mix. You can hear everything well. That is probably why they play this one live. (Oops, wasn't supposed to tell you that.) The music just jumps out at you. This one ends in a traditional Ozric fade. There's a Planet here: This is the spaciest of the lot. This song makes you drift away. It seems short but it is not. With its Jamaican influence gently ebbing it relaxes you after the rush of Myriapod. The rolling and sometimes hard bass keeps the tune going through the search of your Astro Cortex. I think there may be a link up to Greenpeace with this album and especially this song. Musicians most times make up songs to express their inner feelings and this is a subject dear to the Ozrics and of much discussion recently. Shima Koto: This song just culminates my feelings on this whole album. Faster, stronger, more intense sound and feelings galore. Just a ton of stuff to make you feel really good. Wow! The synth part is just twisting and turning like a toboggan ride. I am glad I was able to relax a little while before this run. "Arborescence" is my favorite album to date. The energy that is in this album is unreal. This album is very potent, caution is advised? This is one roller coaster ride which no one has to miss. So hop aboard. The Erpland Express is taking you where you want to go.


Review of Ozric Tentacles Show - April 20, l994 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Chestnut Cabaret.

Having met members of Ozric Tentacles before the show it was obvious that they were excited to be here and were generally happy about touring in the United States. I did not know at all what to expect having never seen the Ozric Tentacles before and neither did my brother (who is Known as Hobbit) who had not even heard their music before that night (I brought him to this show for his birthday). We were at the Cabaret fairly early (one of the few benefits of being unemployed) and talked to a lot of fans as they arrived - nearly all were hyped for the event. For myself the night felt strangely like a reunion due to there being numerous folks that I knew or were familiar with from Hawkwind, Gong and related shows there as well as some new friends such as Jim Collins. I must point out (although obvious to those fortunate enough to attend) that the light show indeed spectacular. It wasn't so much an "in yer face" sort of light show that beat or blinded you - but more of an intense swirling that seemed to blend the event and everyone in the Cabaret into a oneness with the sound. Cheers also to the sound man who really made the experience - had to be one of the best sounding (technically speaking) shows that I've been to in years. After the "Ozrics" had dazzled us we experienced the strange but yummy icing on the cake: it was something called "Alphabet Soup- Caesar Salad" - a man spurting out words beginning with all the letters of the alphabet-thrashing-screaming-flying through the air- throwing himself onto the stage (take my advice and get a video tape of one of the shows!) If any Ozric Tentacles' fan missed the band this Spring - be sure to catch them the next time around because it is very unlikely that you will be disappointed - to the contrary - you will inevitably be drawn in closer by their tentacles. Sploosh! Bob Lennon.


Well, well, well. Who is it here I spy on this time. Oh this guy, Jim Collins. Who is he? (Yeah, its me) I am going along putting this fan club together, breaking my last few brain cells and what do you think happens? Well, everyone saw it. Can't you even spell Joey's name correctly? (Joie) And well, sometimes chaos is my best friend or my best enemy. Due to a computer operator mix up, the trap door opens, and I fall into the snakepit. Oooh that hurts. Thank you chaos.


Roly Wynne (pronounced Ro-le) Ex bass player. Appears on a tape by a group called Psy Nukli. One of their tapes is called Nine. Gavin Griffiths. Ex guitar player. Plays in the group Ullalators. They have an LP out on Demi Mond called "Of Hoof and Horn". There is an Ullalators video from the Pullens free festival 8/25/90. This has been sold by the Freak Emporium. They have most all of the Ozrics side projects current and past for sale:

Freak Emporium
P. O. Box l288
Gerrards Cross Bucks
SL99YB England
Fax: 0753 890635



Joie's girlfriend, Janie, played at Glastonbury with the Cheap Suit O'Roonies. They played eight gigs in two days. Now they're on their way to Wales to play four gigs while Joie and Merv go to Holland to play an Eat Static gig. Ozrics play the Eurotour. They play three songs off the new one "Arborescence". They played between Whitesnake and Aerosmith on a saturday in Switzerland. They also played on a bill with ZZ Top and another with Bob Dylan. An extra fact about the last USA tour. Blim, the band artist, did (sales) merchandising at the gigs. She will also be with them on this tour.



Feed Your Head CD With Ozric off shoot bands, Nodens Ictus, Eat Static and Ullalators. Also System 7 which is produced by Steve Hillage who is one of Ed's major influences. Astralasia Optic Eye and other goodies. 50 Years of Sunshine (double CD). This is an album which commemorates the founding of acid. This album is for the hard core tripper. It is full of sound effects, electronics, and all sorts of noises. Features Hawkwind, Harvey Bainbridge of Hawkwind, Timothy Leary, Nurse with Wound, Earth Leakage Trip and a lot of obscure triptic rockers. Get this one for the real thing. Ambient I and Ambient II (Double CD's). These two CD's are just packed with goodies. With an unbelievable mix of psychedelic and ambient music with artists such as Tangerine Dream and its soloist, Hawkwind, Fripp, Eno, David Sylvian, The Grid, Gong, Faust. This explanation takes too long - just buy it! Hawkwind Discography: For l993 and l994 For l993: Electric Tepee Give Me Shelter - single Spirit of the Age Warrior on the Edge of Time - Solstice Remixes with book Undisclosed Files Best of Friends and Relations on Anagram Lord of Light - Cleopatra release. For l994: It is the Business of the Decide Your Future EP Future to be Dangerous Dawn of Hawkwind bootleg CD Assassins of Allah LP boot Cyborspace Conspiracy LP bootleg Rock City bootleg CD In the Beginning re-release 84 Stonehenge video The timely and most awaited Live Chronicles double re-release of Church of Hawkwind cd with booklet Travelers Aid and Trust re-release which has the Ozrics on it - one song Even the Air is Dreaming Due to be released later this year: The Business Trip Dave Brock solo album Alan Davey solo album A four cd 25th Anniversary box set I missed a couple of re-releases. Happy Anniversary Hawkwind!!! Happy (belated) birthday Dave - ugust 20 - may the bird play "25 years on" (Mike Coleman wants to hear it too, when you come). POT My friend, Spot, whom I met for the first time in New York at the l993 Ozric gigs. After the '93 Gigs, we met again at Wyandotte. I didn't even remember him, but he remembered me. After he told me who he was and how we met, I remembered him. (Back to the story). I walked into the Entourage during sound check. It was more like a practice. Zia told me that they hadn't practiced their live set for over three months or more because they were working on "Arborescence". Spot was the first person I met in Wyandotte. Right away we had a problem with communication. With the music loud, wanting to watch sound check and trying to listen, we were both slightly burnt from the road, very hyper too. It was not easy to say everything we wanted to say right away, trying to use as few words as possible to say them. Sounds like we are brain dead. We couldn't make our conversations correspond to each other, so we decided to just watch the sound check. It was so long we left for a short period to pick up a few things at the store and in our cars. We hurried back and they were still at it, great! A concert before the gig, wicked! After sound check we talked to each other and the band. All of us trying to remember each other and we did. It was a reunion of the souls. We went to Brian of Sprockets' store and had some more conversation. This is where I first met Brian. He is a nice guy, for sure. Sorting things out with the band, Spot and I listened mostly and added here and there. We gave outside and USA opinions of situations. Then we talked just for fun. We talked about the Ozrics' fan club I was going to do and the band fully approved. Also talked about politics, religion, and sex. That Spot keeps changing the subject. We all make the connection and all is well. We separated and went to eat, returning to the show we set up our things and waited and talked. I told Spot about my car problems and he said he could give me a ride through the tour. Fantastic! I made the connection I needed to make. Little did I know how much Spot would help me. I had to go home after the Wyandotte show, back to Chicago to work. What fun. I did not want to go through the USA border anyway. I knew the hassles there. I had to get the car home and take a bus to the next show as soon as possible. I put three days work into two and left Chicago as soon as I could. The next gig was at the Chestnut Cabaret in Philly. Another life saver friend picked me up at the bus station and we went directly to the Chestnut. We got there about l:30. Ron and Karen Jennings - thank you. I got to the venue just in time to load in - so I helped. Well, I was really hungry now, Spot says indian cuisine next door. Can you imagine eating ayurvedic and listening to the Ozrics at the same time? That's right. While we were eating they started sound check. Ayurvedic jurassic! Spot and I just loved the food and atmosphere. It was all you could eat and we did. Good conversation, much better this time. Everything was going well until after Milwaukee. It started getting cold and I got one too. So Spot ended up being my doctor and nurse. Spot is a health food freak and he kept me feeling good until I got better. That was in Hollywood. The day after, Spot had to go back home to Oregon to move. He had to miss the last show. If you think all that health food stuff doesn't work, think again. Thank you Spot. We said a misty eye goodbye after the San Fran show. Hope to see you soon and in the mean time Spot, have another cup of tea! BIZAAR BAZAAR The photographs you just enjoyed on the previous page were taken by: l. The photograph of John by Spot at the Chestnut Cabaret in Philly. 2. The photograph of Ed by Rick Schlenker at Peabody's in Cleveland. 3. The group picture by Spot outside of the Metro in Chicago. 4. The photograph of Joie by Rick Schlenker at the Opera House in Toronto.

The next contest is for two bashed drumsticks, three guitar strings and one bass string. Also, one concert poster from the Fall U.S. l994 tour. Contest rules will be the same as last time - you must write in and tell me what you want to win. You might as well send it in with your next $3.00. I will pick the winners out of a hat on November 5, l994 and you should receive your prize by the end of the month. Prize winners will be mentioned on a list and put in the next issue. Next, I am setting up a taping tree. Anyone who would like a copy of Rick's Bedroom Demos 8l and 82 unreleased demos (bootleg) or would like to help distribute them, that's you! Please write and I will wait for one month for your letters. If you are late, you wait. Please be prompt. One month from the end of the tour. I will form the tree and send instructions. DO NOT SEND TAPES.

Jerry Braseman, 3569 W. l47th, #2, Cleveland, Ohio 44lll- 3lll wants to trade his audience tape of the Cleveland Ozric Show at Peabody's for other Ozric shows, '93 especially. Mike Coleman of Delta Wave has a mail order Hawkwind and related business. He carries Ozrics, of course, and specializes in hard to get vinyl and bootlegs.

Mike Coleman
Delta Wave
77l6 Briaridge Road
Dallas, Texas 75248

Hawkwind is coming! Get information from Chris and Mary Bruce, 4 University Road 303, Cambridge, MA 02l38 (6l7) 547-9633. They do a fanzine called the Kadu Flyer which also includes occasional newsletters. Brian of Sprockets has one of the largest selection of psychedelic progressive alternative, and ethnic music in the world. He also carries all the merchandising for the Ozric Tentacles in the USA including t-shirts, cd's, etc.

Brian of Sprockets
2938 Biddle
Wyandotte, Michigan 48l92

Rich DeCola, Jr., 53 Monroe Street, New Rochelle, New York l080l wants to trade Jimi Hendrix and New York Ozric gig for more Ozrics. Fish/pre '88 Marillion Fans! Yes there's an official fan club in the United States . . The Company provides details on new releases, contests, news, other addresses for hard-to-find prog- rock items. Each issue of our 'zine includes the FishNet Indie Review Sheet, with more prog & celtic rock. Inside US $l5, Canada $l9 in US$ for 4 issues and more. Write to The Company North America, Dept. TofE, P. O. Box 20766, Castro Valley, California 94546.


So many people asked for a discography again. Some asked for more detail. With help from the Ozric Tentacles and a basic outline from Scott Heller, I put this one together for White Rhino Tea.


This is a band with a unique sound - improvisational progressive space jazz. Yes, all of this in one spacey package. With influences like Miles Davis, Ozric Tentacles, Third Ear Band, Hawkwind, Faust and many others. You can see how they got their sound. The music is deeply rhythmic with synth and big band sounds entwined for an unheard of jazz fusion. The band is approaching their l5th year in existence I am listing to their 95th release. That's not a misprint. The improvisation aspect of the group allows for constant artistic flow. With members coming and going and coming back, help keep an ever changing feel to the band. There is always an open road to travel for a band with so many outlooks. Tape releases seem to change over the years, but the basic structure and sound of the band remain in tact. The triptic powers of their music is strong and floaty, making them fun to listen to. I recommend this band to you heartily. If you would like to check some out, you can get their tapes through the band's leader, Doug Walker at: Galactus/AP c/o Doug Walker Space Station Studio l9l-32 ll6th Avenue St. Alban's, New York ll4l2 U.S.A. 7l8-723-l662


Thanks to everyone who helped me - here is a small list. I hope I got everybody. Luke, John Kapsa, for the ride to LA and home; Marco, Edie, Karen and Ron Jennings, BJ and Tej; Nik Riff, Steve Taylor, Doug Walker, the Bruces. And again to anyone I missed, thank you very much. Thank you everyone for sending so much information. It is really great - here is a list of people who helped: Carol Collins Scott Heller Rich Schlenker Spot Brian at Sprockets Bob Lennon Chris Raymond Melissa Mamakos The Angueras Chris Nokes Eric Brooks - The Company Fish Rich DeCola, Jr. Jerry Braseman Steve Taylor Chris and Mary Bruce Wendy at IRS Marco Gabriell If I missed anyone I am sorry. Thanks to you the fans especially. Remember I said the "T of E" will get better and it has. This issue took a lot of time to put together and it still doesn't seem enough time. Also, our eyes have been turned by the quick and unplanned return of our loved ones, the Ozrics. I have been rushing around to try and finish this before the tour. I need to do a million things before I leave and this is one of them. Again, I will have to say it will get better.

Jim Collins
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