Hello Fans:

My name is Jim Collins and I am the founder of the fan club. Welcome to the Tentacles of Erpland, a fan club started by the fans for the fans. The fan club is designed especially for you, the fan. We will bring you newsletters, tapes, videos, games, contests, a yearbook and possibly a tour book for the USA tours. The fan club also gives the fans an opportunity to interact with the band in our article White Rhino Tea. So while you are having tea, you can indulge in some enlightening conversation with the band. The fan club letter should come out quarterly (four times a year) to keep your erp mind in Ozric Tentacle land (Erpland). To get your next issue of the Tentacles of Erpland, you must send $3.00 as soon as possible so that I can get you on the list in time to get the next issue. The sooner that you send the money, the easier it will be for us to get you on the list in time. Please make checks payable to "Jim Collins". All of the money that is collected now is going to be used to send you a better Tentacles of Erpland. When proper funding is available, the fanzine will get larger and will have a color page or two. So let's get going. Here's the features of our fan club.



Floating seeds - comics and quips

Erpnotes - musical critique

Space Between Your Ears - articles from other sources (not included in this issue)

Eternal Wheel - concert and release info

Snake Pit - horror stories or little bad trips

Secret names - past member, news (Tidal Otherness)

The Dusty Pouch - Past History articles

Sacred Turf - words from the band or interviews

White Rhino Tea - questions from the fans, fan interaction

Sniffing Dog - news on other bands



Erpnotes this time will be done on the "Live Underslunky" album. This album is one of the best sounding live albums ever produced at any time. One of the best sounding groups live ever. This album features their traditional set of choice starting with an early track right on up to playing two tracks from their previously new album "Strangeitude", White Rhino Tea and Bizaar Bazaar. This album was two gigs. Played in a traditional or straight away style ? Although they like to play strange versions of their songs live, these were picked to sound like the studio versions. Each piece being flawless, a hard to melodic smooth flow of powerful and beautifully mixed atmospheric sounds. Music far beyond the normal path but very palatable to all. Guitar parts seem stronger on this album than the studio albums. Songs are also played a little faster. This album is a true representation of the Ozric sound and feeling live.


Exciting news - a new album! It will be called "Arborescence". This album is due to be released on June 27, l994. Available on Dovetail and IRS Records. For this first edition of Tentacles of Erpland I had to kill three articles with one conversation with Joie because of time and availability of information. So Secret Names, Dusty Pouch and Sacred Turf are here together ? Here is a list of some stuff by the Ozrics and their Tentacles.

Ozric videos: Live at Pullens
Both of these are available from Taste Videos in England.

And their Tentacles: Wooden Baby - three tapes
Ullulators - three tapes
O'Roonies - one album - five tapes
Noden Ictus - two tapes
Evil Edna's Horror Toilet - one tape
Cheap Suit O'Roonies - ????

Eat Static just finished a three week long tour in the U.K. They played four nights a week - a schedule they like. Joie said it was a great tour and had a lot of fun. The people are mad he says (in a good way). A show was taped for MTV. So possibly something on that later - maybe even a USA tour. Ed was on a short vacation. Zia bought a synthesizer. John is taking it easy. Janie, Joie's wife was doing a festival. Tig was in a band just recently called Jamiraquai with an album called "Emergency on Planet Earth". The bass player of l8 years was taught by Roly and is great! Roly is in a band called Damidge. A punk rock band where he does bass and vocals. Their album has not been released yet. A very slight chance that Dovetail will produce it. Joie remembers Roly as a front of the stage Sid Vicious type with lots of high energy, thrashing jams and maybe as the black sheep of the family. These past members of the band are still very friendly with the band and have a great relationship which speaks very highly of the Ozric family. And Joie sends a big love to you from him and the band.


Hawkwind's 25th anniversary this year Gong's reunion concert in New York - has just been cancelled .


I am waiting for your questions for the band so please send them to me.


Story related by Brian of Sprockets. After the American tour and after the long journey home on the jet, Blim returned home, approached her front door and found that she had no keys to get into her house. After thinking about it for a short period, she remembered that she left them in her house! (ssssss)


Welcome to Bizaar Bazaar where almost anything can happen. We can take your ads for sales, we have tape trading, video and audio, personal ads, give-aways, contests, or you can just give the fan club something like pictures, newspaper clippings, interviews, drawings, true stories surrounding the tour or anything to make our fanzine better. Any info would be much appreciated. Your name will be mentioned in the Tentacles of Erpland if used. Since nobody knows about this yet I will start this off by giving away some special tour souvenirs. We are giving away two Drumsticks, two bass strings and four guitar strings. If you want to try to win one of these, you must ask to be entered into the special tour souvenirs give away. Pick out which item you would like to receive. Tell us in a letter with your payment for the next issue of Tentacles of Erpland and you could be a winner. I will pick the winners out of a hat on August l5, l994 and you should receive your prize by the end of the month. Prize winners will be mentioned on a list put in the next issue. If you are having trouble getting Ozric music you can call Brian of Sprockets, now Music Brokers at (3l3) 284-22l2 or Mike Coleman of Delta Wave (he also sells hard to get boot legs, he specializes in Hawkwind and related) at (2l4) 99l-662l.

Jim Collins
P.O. Box 307
Crete, Illinois 60417
(708) 755-542l

P.S. I am sorry if some of the names are misspelled or wrong in this mailing. Please send me any changes and/or corrections and I will correct them for future mailings. Sorry Blim about the snakepit. Thanks to Carol (my wife) who has helped tremendously in putting this newsletter out.