Sotiris Sotiriou

I am Sotirios and I 'm an artist- Music and painting in one time.
In the past, I had communicated with Ozrics - Simon Baker and Zia- and I have sent them some samples of my work. I'm using music as an inspiration for my paintings. For the last 4 years I have used Ozrics music as a very important tool in creating the pictures. 80% of my work now is totally connected with Ozrics music. I do these paintings live on stage while being inspired by Ozrics music playing.

For some other paintings I use my music (very close to Ozrics style) and only from one very known Greek artist (Nikos Portokaloglou) but they are aprx.20 from the 120 I have made the last 4 years.

Attached some samples from my last solo exhibition in Athens. I had Bang & Olufsen audio systems for playing Ozrics music (an unexpected combination I think)

I'm only writing this because the response fron Simon and Zia was very hopefull and they have found my paintings amazing. Thank you

Best regards