Ozric Tentacles Side Groups

Eat Static

Eat Static is a space techno group formed in 1989 by Joie and Merv,
but also includes Steve Everret on some releases. The band originally
formed around the Club Dog scene in London, spinning interesting
techno between acts, but in the recent years opened for Ozric
Tentacles and developed quite a large following. The Eat Static live
experience is not to be missed, as the psychedelic images common at
the Ozrics show continue here, but with that technologically driven
bass beat and some extra spacey keyboard samples thrown in.

Eat Static--Bath based Ozric Tentacles off-shoot formed in 1989, more
renowned for utilising their layered techno collages into powerful
turbo-boosted, sci-fi dance scripts and tuning them up into intense
live performances, the area in which they prefer to display them. The
spontaneous element that fuels their productions has been captured on
three singles and an albums "Abduction" and "Implant"

Planet Dog. Contact
Planet Dog c/o 271 Royal College Strteet, London NW1 9LU


WOODEN BABY is a project put together by Merv with his friend Charlie.
Other musicians who have played in the project include Joie Hinton
(synth), Steve Everett (synth), and Nick (bass). They have released
three tapes.

Embalment (1992?)


The Oroonies are the band that Joie Hinton was in in Ireland, at
the time of his arrival at Stonehenge in 1983, where he met up with Ed
and his yet to be named band. The Oroonies have had many members and
line ups. Joie Hinton on synth, Russ Noden on lead guitar, lead
vocals, Boris on guitar, singing and poetry, Jane Noden- Flute, Tanya
on drums, and Gary "geek" on bass. Most of the bands releases are
cassette only, but a few vinyl releases have been produced. The band
has been described as a pagan psychedelic punk folk band, which just
about covers it all, doesn't it!

The Woods are Alive with the Smell of his Coming 12" (Hiareth records)

Exhalt Horn

Nodens Ictus

This is a project started in 1986 by Ed Wynne, the lead guitarist
and main songwriter of the Ozric Tentacles, after being asked by the
owner of the Crypt in London if they (OT) could do an ambient set in
the quiet room at the club. Imagine the Ozric Tentacles without bass,
drums and guitar and you have Nodens Ictus! The material also
developed out of Ed's noodling on his keyboards and creation of
interesting Tangerine Dreamish textures. Ed and Joie performed live
several times at the Crypt, doing soundscapes for various light
shows. Two cassette releases are out.

Nodens Ictus--Originally formed in 1986, this Ozric offshoot
featuring Joie, Ed, Merv and Jumping John lasted three years before
commitments with Ozric Tentacles and Eat Static took over. At present, one
cassette album exists, available from Woof Distribution (see mail
order address below). Contact: Dovetail Records, P.O. Box 68
Brentford, Middlesex TW8 9BN FAX 081-560-5734.

The Grove of Selves 1987

Live at Club Dog 1990 (Finsbury Park, London)


The Ullulators is a project started by Gavin Griffiths (Ex-Ozrics
guitar player) along with Joie (synths), Jane (vocals), generator John
(drums), Kay (bass and vocals) and Chambers (percussion and vocals).
Formed in 1985, they existed up until 1991 playing heavily in between,
but like Nodens Ictus it was hard to find the time because other
projects (Ozric Tentacles) began to command more attention. The band
was put on hold when some of the
members left to join up with Circus Archaos. The early tapes were
heavily influenced by dub reggae and south american music, but still
had an Ozrics flavor to it, as they are instrumental. The Flaming
Khaos lp has a more world music influence and vocals on most tracks,
with some spacey guitar and synth work throw in. Like the Oroonies,
this band is difficult to describe and must be heard. The band
released three tapes and one lp, as well as contributing one track to
the Feed your Head compiliation.

The Ullulators--Further tales of the family Ozrics extend to the five
piece Ullulators. Formed in 1985, they existed up until 1991 gigging
heavily in between, but like Nodens Ictus it was hard to find the time
because other projects began to command more attention, and when some
members left to join up with Circus Archaos the band was put on hold.
One album, "Flaming Chaos" released in 1989 and three tapes beforehand
were issued to provide a growing cult following with chronicles of
their "rock music with an eastern flavour" and "heavy reggae-fied
space jams." Outside of this included track, again recorded
purposefully for Feed Your Head, Joie describes the Ullulators
cocktails as containing everything from "rootsy dub to Pat Benatar!"
With all of its members now resurfaced, the possibility of an
Ullulators compilation lifted from the collection of tapes and new
mixes, is in the air, and like Nodens Ictus there are plans to
resuscitate The Ullulators...one day. Contact Planet Dog, c/o 217
Royal College Street, London NW1 9LU

The mail order address for these and other groups on the cd is Woof
Distribution mail order catalog. "If you would like a copy, send an
SAE or International Reply Coupon to Woof Distribution, P.O. Box 1580
London N1 2JA England."

Share a Clam with the Ullulators (1985)