Ozric Tentacles
Jurassic Shift
IRS Records

Any guitarist knows that sometimes, no words at all can speak volumes. So it is with Ozric Tentacles' instrumental feast, Jurassic Shift, which sounds like Spyro Gyra with an attitude. Currently darlings of the U.K. rave scene, the Ozrics combine bass and drums with synth, flute, and one seriously whacked guitar to create a smooth, silky soundscape. And it is a soundscape: some of this is the kind of stuff you might hear on the Weather Channel, real mellow and atmospheric. Other tracks. specifically "Vita Voom," are anything but sedate. Guitarist and bandleader Ed Wynne gives the music a rock context, with a thousand rack effects at his disposal and the knowledge of how to use them. With amorphous titles like "Stretchy" and "Train Oasis," the sprawling songs on Jurassic Shift make great background music, or play-along jam sessions. Fans of the Phishful Dead Doctors will dig this.

- Dan Amrich.

October '93 issue of Guitar World.