New five track mini-album, 'Pyramidion' follows in the footsteps of 'The Hidden Step' with its exotic Egyptian theme, a lifelong obsession of frontman and founder member, Ed Wynne. In keeping with the Middle Eastern theme, even the hieroglyphics for the sleeve artwork were painted on authentic Egyptian-style papyrus!

The title track is a brand new composition, taking its name from the mystical Pyramidion, the capstone on the Great Pyramid which symbolised the meeting of the spiritual world with the physical for the ancient Egyptians. The concept of the Pyramidion seems to encapsulate the idea of the Ozric Tentacles' sound," says Ed Wynne. "Music is a way of melding the physical nd spiritual - grabbing the ether and forming it into a reflection of what's going on in the unseen world."

The four other other tracks which make up the mini-album, 'Aramanu', 'Pixel Dream' 'Xingu' and 'Sultana Detrii' were all recorded live at Sheffield Boardwalk on last year's sold-out UK tour, making them the first live Ozric Tentacles tracks to be released for 10 years (the last being 1992's 'Live Underslunky' album), and capturing the very essence of the Ozric Tentacles live experience. "Sheffield is always one of our favourite cities to play," says Ed. "The night we recorded these was a really special gig, packed to the rafters and everyone totally immersed in the Ozrics vibe."

Alongside the title track, the mini-album features 'Aramanu' which conjures up a mystical, musical exploration through an exotic market place, while 'Pixel Dream' is a deep, dreamy guitar-led track (both of which originally appeared as studio versions on last year's full-length album, 'The Hidden Step'). 'Xingu', which was first released as a studio track on the 1999 'Waterfall Cities' album, and the towering dub of Sultana Detrii rounds of the five-tracker with a brainy dub contrasting rising and falling keyboard lines with a sophisticated, syncopated drum workout.