Official Audio/Video taping rules and guidelines.
The Band wants to set the record straight on the live tapes etc that have been circulating. Basically we're fine about the tape-trees. They are a great idea and stop nasty bootleg sellers making a profit out of the band at their expense. But PLEASE!! to keep this exciting underground thing going we want firstly to make sure that no soundboard patches are being done. These WILL affect possible future live recordings the band may put out. Only audience taping please. Secondly we want to make sure that tapes aren't being sold. If that starts to happen then taping will have to be policed at the gigs and none of us want that to happen. Thirdly we are definitely not cool with videoing the shows. Anyone who has a valid reason for wanting to video a performance MUST get in touch with us first for permission to do so. AGAIN, IT IS IMPORTANT TO STRESS THAT TAPING IS A PRIVILEGE AND NOT A RIGHT. A worrying trend we've noticed is that some people are recording old releases onto CDR for mates etc. Again this directly affects the band and we're certainly not cool with it. Sorry to appear so heavy-handed with all these issues, but recording albums in such a manner is tantamount to piracy and none of us supports piracy. We simply want to make sure that the ground rules are laid so the band isnít taken advantage of in the future.
Love and Peace to you all out there!! AND THANKS FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!!.
Eddie Baker
On Behalf Of Ozric Tentacles