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1. The Grove of Selves

2. Spacelines(brand new track)

3. The Gong of Ra

4.Chickens in the Mist(live)

5. Toad in the Whole

6. Sharpening the Norm( live )

7. Way of the Wind

8. Atavista

9. Aerial Procession

10. Sleeping Seas(brand new track)

11. Gopuram

Nodens Ictus was the name given to a project formed by Ed Wynne of the Ozric
and Joie Hinton, (formerly of the Ozrics', now in Eat Static), to
explore a more ambient direction of the Ozrics' unique sound, ditching most
of the drums, bass and guitar in favour of analogue and digital synths and
The first tracks were recorded in 1986, way before "ambient" music became
fashionable, or even thought of by Dr Alex Patterson, KLF and other post
rave artists.Indeed, in 1986 the UK was still suffering from "New
Romanticism" and wasn't to hear anything resembling dance music for another
2 years when 1988's orbital raves and "The Summer Of Love" arrived.
Further recordings were completed between 1986-1989 and Nodens Ictus' first
album "Grove Of Selves" , a limited edition cassette, was released later
that year. The 12 track album was only available via mail-order and at gigs
and has subsequently become a highly collectable item for Ozric and Eat
Static fans.
A second cassette only album "Live At Club Dog" was released in 1992 and as
the title suggests, was recorded at Club Dog in 1989. This too was a very
limited release and is harder to find than the first album.
The band played a limited number of gigs between 1988 and 1991, often joined
by Merv Pepler (Eat Static) and Jumping John Egan (Ozric Tentacles), but as
the Ozric Tentacles became more successful there were less opportunities to
perform or record for the project. Nodens Ictus played their last show
supporting Tim Blake(ex Gong) at the Brixton Fridge in 1991
As the number of Ozric Tentacles and Eat Static fans grows on a global
basis, so too does the demand for the release of the long-deleted and
hard-to-find Nodens Ictus recordings.
"SPACELINES" has been put together for those fans, and includes the best
tracks from the cassette-only releases (remastered and on CD for the first
time), as well as previously unreleased live versions and two brand new
tracks recorded this year specially for the project.
The CD will feature full colour computer-generated artwork and will be
stickered to heighten awareness of the Ozric Tentacles and Eat Static
Please note that the album has NO USA release at this time, but can be bought vis the web-site (see further announcement below) or via mail order direct from Stretchy.