Ask OZRIC Take 2


Welcome to Ask OZRIC 2!! The questions in this interview have been put to the band by you, the fans. Thank you to all for taking part and hope the wait was worth it! The list of questions was forwarded separately via e-mail to each band member and answered independently. All questions regarding tour dates can be answered by checking the official site (UK) in the NEWS section, or Mike's (USA) and therefore were not directed to the band themselves. ENJOY!


The live shows that were played in the US were very similar in
the setlist from show to show. Is this how they perform in Europe as well.
Why are the setlists always the same? Why are they not made up the day of
the show?

Seaweed: If we were still playing festival tents every night, then we would probably still be jamming out for hours, but now we try to strike a balance between jamming and playing some tunes that people will recognise from the albums - but every old classic needs doing justice to, and we don't want to blag it with tunes that people hold dear, so we tend to have the same starting points (which also keeps the machines happy!) and try to make every night's version a unique occasion, never the same twice...

Zia: yeah, we normally work out a set prior to a tour and stick roughly with it throughout. However, variations do creep in especially in the jammed parts of the set. Sometimes we'll change the order, or even resurrect a track of old if we can all remember vaguely how it goes. As for making it up on the day - too much to remember!

Has the band ever heard Phish? What is there impression? John: nice ice-cream ...!!!

Has the band ever heard of the Mad Professor? What is their
John: ..nice dub.!!!.

Seaweed:Phish were one of the most comfortable live acts I've seen for years, and they all play really well - I'd have liked a bit more psychedelia though Big Respect to the Mad Professor - now that's what I call psychedelia!

Zia; we saw Phish play in London a couple of years ago which was fun - but its not particularly my preference musically. Mad Professor is cool.

What do you guys use for entering drum sequences into your sequencers? I'm talking MIDI hear, not sampled beats. I've tried doing it with a keyboard, and also by doing it from scratch, and neither seem to work for me...
Seaweed: Writing drum sequences is a personal thing - there's no substitute for a bit of personal drumming experience, though; it's knowing what to put in, not how you do it!

Zia: I almost always use the pencil and paint brush on Cubase - working fast and randomly until a good groove begins to suggest itself, and then continue to refine it and build on it until my eyes and ears hurt.

Ed: Well , it all depends on the tune in question. Sometimes I have the drums on the keyboard and tap 'em in time , usually after having put a tight hihat part down as a guide . It is important to have a vague idea of what drummers do , or would do if they had four legs and eight arms...otherwise , if I have a beat in mind , I put it down with the mouse and build it up from there. Then I try and imagine playing it and if it's too mad I modify it unless it sounds amazing as it is !

Hi Guys, Moho here-
I'm very excited to hear about the prospect of the outtake tapes being released, I hope it will happen. If you actually went through with it, would you keep the existing names for each tape, or would you be releasing a single compiled CD of the best bits of them all? Do you even still have all of the master tapes of all that stuff? My vote, if you still have all the original recordings, would be to leave them exactly as-is, keeping the original names. Sort of like an OT box-set for the new millennium. Keep it real, dudes...

Seaweed: Do you mean the first six tapes? or the innumerable "evil edna"-style collections of weird moments? Obviously, Afterswish was the ultimate collection of the first six tapes, but all the other weird stuff is mainly only on cassettes of dubious history, so they would need to be remastered and compiled

Ed: There is a plan to release some of the old out takes , but we'll probably go through them and pick the finest bits , re-master them and then re-compile them...sorry Moho , I know they had their vibe as they were , but to me , some of the bits seem a little shot to me , whereas others should have made it onto

cd . Don't worry though , I'll make sure some of the weirder bits get on there!!!



Dear Ozrics, how are you all? Many congratulation on Waterfall
Cities, I know it has been out for nearly a year but it is the first
opportunity. My question is would you let any other bands record in your
studios and if yes what would I need to do to make it possible

Seaweed: Hey, never say never, but it doesn't happen often - we generally use most of the available time anyway

Ed: Unfortunately there is hardly ever a time when I'm not using the studio.

When there is a rare gap , It's a relief not to be in there , so , sorry but I'm afraid it's not possible . Glad you liked "Waterfall".


Ed: at what age did you start playing guitar and what did you study?

Ed: As far as I remember , I first started playing guitar at about age 12. I had no formal training so can't read a note , it just looks like a load of tadpoles on a fence to me...


Seaweed: I couldn't agree's high time the family got together again!

Zia: damn right! we should do one soon.
Ed: Let's hope so eh...


  1. (To Ed). I read in an interview that you don't read music and that the
    scales you play are made up to fit the rhythm of the track. How do you fit
    the guitar lines to the rest of the track? Do the rest of the band know the
    scales too or did you work them out to fit a certain key or what?

Ed: Well , each track is it's own story...the guitar scales , I dunno , they just , sort of , appear really...if they sound recogniseable I usually try and warp them a bit so each one has it's own flavour. As far as the rest of the band goes , well , that's their problem !

2) Is John:
a) Completely insane?
John: ...takes one to know one !!!,... not 'completely' ...just getting there slowly !!
b) Tripping at every gig?
...tripping on 'life',Ed's guitar pedals ..and as much bud as poss!!!
c) Just a damn good showman? ...hope it makes you giggle , just havin' a 'laff...
Ed: Probably

In light of the experiences you have had with your own and
other record labels what advice can you give to prospective alternative
acts looking to expand the scene and minds of this global nation ?

John: ...tricky..!!!

Seaweed: You've got to accept that the important thing is to make the kind of music you want to play, and that is why we do experience of the business side is that if you go into it expecting any kind of financial security, you're simply in the wrong job. Having said that, sheer persistence is always rewarded somewhere in the scheme of things, and if you can find a management/label situation that combines business acumen with basic honesty (not nearly as easy as it sounds!), then you're half way there. Ideally, keep it small, keep control, and believe that the music will speak for itself. Trust the music, and it will reward you, though not always how you expect!

Zia : hard to offer meaningful advice when we've been so messed around (polite term) by said record companies - but hang in there and trust no-one that smiles a lot but fails to bring concrete results!! The ones pretending to be your big buddy are the dodgiest!
Ed: Best of luck...


Hey Boys! Thanx for the great time on the US Tour!! Any plans
to improv or vary the setlist show to show next time around? This element
of the unknown would work well with your already generous supply! Songs
like "Erpland" and "Myriapod" sometimes sound too rushed live,.why not
open them up..and explore? is for is the
vibe...finally, whatever you do,...PLEASE keep givin' it your all...we
really appreciate your music!!!!

Since many of your US fans see several shows each time you tour here, what are the chances of you guys changing your setlist from night to night? We'd also love to see you stretch out your songs with lots of improv thrown in.

Seaweed: (see above)ok, it looks like we might have to mix and match a bit more in the States, but bear in mind that a venue has a curfew and every new track means not playing another one, and not everybody goes to more than one gig, so we want to present them with the best!

Zia: noted! See above.

I was just wondering why the band sticks with a particular setlist for an entire tour, what with all the fabulosity that's packed on all those CDs...

John: OK Matey!!! Here we go ...!!! So, the set list is our choice, play to suit the needs of all the types required some thought ,... I improvise virtually every night , hence the 'vibe' maintains !!!..'we wanna be 'free' do wot we wanna do!!!'J

Seaweed: see above -...and the machines have a finite capacity too! Are you prepared to wait while we reprogram and data dump for every request? you've got to trust us,guys, to give you as full-on a night's entertainment as we possibly can!

Hi Ed, did you get the Steve Hillage Video (German TV) I had
delivered to you about 2 years or so ago ? Phil Black (Germany - the one
still trying to help with German gigs)
Ed: YES!!! What fun we had the first time we saw that one...Cheers!

Hi Guys
Ever thought of making some of your sounds/fx/rhythms etc available in .wav
format to let us (very) amateur musos have a go. Sonic Foundary, creators
of the ACID sequencer have started a series of .wav based sampler CD's
based on individual artists work. Recent ones include Bill
Laswell(world,ambient etc) and the format would be a natural for the Ozrics
and you might make a bit of dosh as well!
Keep up the good work
Richard Fisher a.k.a. "Full Moon Effect"

Zia: sounds really interesting ( I like Bill Laswell).
Seaweed: Sounds to our manager!...meanwhile, we have joked about an Ozric DIY tune-maker/resource, maybe on the web-site, but the technology is only recently coming our way, so bear with us...

Ed: Hmmm...not yet anyway...

I notice that the last albums sound so sequenced, drums and so, at least,
in most songs. ...
John:...even the programming of sequences&drums takes some .'spontanaeity'...
How come you don't put more live spontanity in the recordings ? John: how to choose between one overdub and another which carries the right vibe!!! M m m ...
I miss the dynamics of an album like jurassic shift...
Seaweed: Every album is a random process involving a million unpredictable events...time, environment, weather, solar flares etc. we really don't plan these things very much! ....wait till you hear the new one: it's a different entity again, with better drums than ever and better programming than ever, and it's certainly got a few dynamics as well...

Zia: agreed the last album was a bit light on real drums - chaotic circumstances and certain record companies had a hand in that. You'll find more real drums on the new one. We're in the process of finishing our new studio set up and from here on in recording and jamming will be a bit more relaxed.

Ed: Well , Waterfall Cities was recorded without a very good live drums situation...theyre DAMN loud when Rad smacks 'em!!! However , now we have a great drum booth so...onwards and upwards...


I've got the Pullens Festival,Angel Centre and Fridge videos,
which are great for chilling out between tours, but they're getting a bit
long in the tooth! Any plans for further video releases?
Seaweed: You bet...but there's buckets of them to go through - the process is underway
John: Who wants to see our ugly mugs?

Ed: Yes...various compilations with the best bits on 'em. Also I'll hopefully be sorting the sound on them too.

Since the Ozric Tentacles sound is completely unique and
original and has elements of many styles, what musical influences did you
all have while growing up? Scott Alan Jones, Merrillville, Indiana, United
Seaweed: For myself, I started out on my brothers' prog albums( still a pre-1975 Genesis and ELP fan), then I discovered Hillage/Blake/Gong/Hawkwind just when punk was raging, so I discovered Reggae/dub, punk and Space Rock all at the same time! (plus a bit of metal, but don't tell anyone!) Big respect to all the Canterbury bands(Soft Machine, Caravan, Camel etc.), King Crimson, and the Krautrockers like Can and Amon Duul etc. As far as lifestyle went, who could forget Here3Now's heroic attempt to do an entire free tour out of one dodgy bus, playing anarcho-hippy-punk-space-reggae!!!! those were the days.....

Rad: Rush, Led Zep, ACDC, Van Halen, Living Colour, FZ, Steve Hillage, Gong, King Crimson, Ozrics (pre '94){in sort of chronological order}
Zia: while growing up, eh? For me - David Bowie, Julian Cope, Talking Heads, Steely Dan, and loads and loads of early hip hop electro. I'm sure I've missed loads out.....
John: radio..heavy metal..Beatles Hillage ,Gong.. er ..good musicianship ..!!! ..Derrr ..
Ed: Too many to list for me I'm afraid...anything non-commercial I suppose...

Hi, first I've got to say how incredibly brilliant your music is- really
consciousness expanding cosmic space-music of the best kind!!
Here's a few things I've been wondering about:

- The short unlisted track on the end of the Arboresence LP- is that the
Waldorf Wave by any chance? Do you still use the wave? What are your
favourite synths at the moment?

Ed: That , it's an odd one for sure ! As far as I remember it was a sample of Merv going "Hyyyeurrgh!" repeating over and over , put through a Lexicon pcm70 on it's "resonant chord" setting and spinning the dial like a loony ! My fave synth at the mo' is , still , the Pro 1 , but the Novation Supernova comes a close second.

- Zia gets some unusual bass sounds on Waterfall Cities- 'Spiral mind' and
'Ch'ai'- was he using a different bass on these? Is Jurassic Shift mainly
Zia or Roly on bass?

Zia: Jurassic is about half me half Roly. Chai and Spiralmind are programmed basses. I'm convinced that the rhythm section on Spiralmind is impossible to play note for note and beat for beat but I'd truly love to see someone try...lets see....maybe Udo Dahmen (drummer) and Helmut Hatler (bass).

- For percussion sounds these days do you use sequenced samples, triggers
from Rad, or are they the real thing mic'ed up (eg. the frame drums on

Rad: Mostly samples sequenced but still a lot of organic instruments and live playing

-I was just curious as to what you think of Hawkwind & Alan Davey in the
'90s, in their more experimental spacey phase.
Ed: We use anything we can , to get close to what we hear in

our mind's ears!!!

Looking forward to the next 17 Ozric albums!!
Daniel. (Australia)
Seaweed: ...point 4...I liked the spacey bits on Electric teepee and "it is the...", but to be honest I wasn't enjoying the live shows that much until Ron joined the band and gave them a kick up the proverbial, and opened up the whole Bob Calvert catalogue...Dave Brock's definitely got some nice synths nowadays, though...

John: Cool...Dude!! Hope to be in OZ somewhen soon!!!

Zia: Cheers Daniel!

Did you know that COALESCENT RITZ is an anagram of OZRIC TENTACLES ? Now
there's an album title. Phil Black
John: but did YOU know 'TEC TONE RIZLAS' is also an anagram of O.T.'s !!

Which Synth is used for the cool sequenced part at beginning on
tr.2/waterfall c.???!!??thx Ryddy
Ed: The first synth you hear is the Korg Prophecy , and the rest is almost all the Korg Wavestation , even the drums (!)

Your music does seem to have some mystical background, with names as
Ayurvedic, Omnidirectional Bhadra, Travelling the Great Circle and so forth.
I would be quite interested to know whether you people have certain beliefs
there that in some way give you a direction in life or is it really just
playing with funny words?
Rad:Doesn't everyone have beliefs that shape and form their lives?

Seaweed: Don't you think that playing with funny words is a zen unto itself? we make music without words because we're trying to massage all the chakras, not just the rational communication ones - isn't that the whole point about music? What we believe or don't believe is only a small part of the whole story, after all, and words are at their most powerful when they're working in surprising new combinations, opening one's eyes with a laugh to the infinite fractal possibilities of the whole kaboodle...

Zia: no specific belief system for me - just a vague hotch-potch of rumour and hearsay. Funny words? We love 'em.

John: One might find your remarks Sir, ..perhaps 'obstreperous' in the extreme!!!..but of course we're...' into the mystery '...!!!

yo yo ...
some friends and i caught the shows at the wetlands in ny, 7/99. thank you.
just gotta ask: why the same setlist each night? and even for the whole tour?
John: well the musics seem so 'timeless'that when we play live each and everyone has the opportunity to improvise; believe me, I take my opportunity to help form a new and hopefully more spaced version each and every night!!!

i've got all your CDs (except sliding gliding---how can i get a copy?!?!?), and
the best thing is putting them all in a 25-disc changer and playing them in
shuffle mode... never know which song will pop up.. i like having that same experience
at concerts... have you guys always done tours with a specific setlist?
Ya di ya di ya!!!

John: get a matey to 'burn' one !!!
not that it matters--- i'd see 2 hours of live "tentacles of erphind" let me
know when the next u.s. stint is slated for..
Seaweed :see above...same setlist doesn't mean the same gig...

ON the Dovetail cd release of Erpland, I noticed (like many others I'm
sure) that the spacing between the tracks is about 30-45 seconds off. Was
this done on purpose or accident? And does the remastered Erpland have
this same problem/feature? I might have to get that just to hear the
beginnings of Eternal Wheel! Thank you guys for making such great music to
fit my personality along with many others.

Enjoy yourselves,

Rollin Hard

Seaweed: one's fine...


This one's for John: After seeing you guys in Santa Cruz last
July I decided to learn play the flute but I am having a bit of trouble
teaching myself with just a book-how was it that you learned to play? Also,
what are the names of the other flutey instruments that you play? Thank you
all for a wonderfully magical evening in Santa Cruz!
John: Hey Ho..!!! Well,firstly me&Roly got loads of Irish music together,..then Ed suggested I get a chromatic silver flute, and I just loved it!!!Also 'Ney' an Arabic flute,and 'Kaval',a Balkan instrument!! Sometimes people give me floots ..( to make up for other people stealing them off stage!?!) I usually try to spend some of my day b4 the concert wandering around looking for music shops or the local bazaar in order to find 'bizarre' instruments, not all of them floots !!!

I'm from the U.S., only heard your song coily on a sampler C.D. but i like
what I hear and I am gonna be in your area this summer, wondering if you
have a tentative schedule or anything.

John: The 'tentacles' !!.how do they grab you ...?J
Ed: Not sure...get onto Simon about that.

Hi guys!

I noticed a much larger turnout of fans during your US tour last year than
I saw in '94. Was this a trend that you observed as well? What would
attribute this to? Has America finally caught up with the Ozrics?

Seaweed: ...obviously the word of mouth has been working while we've been away! also the internet has been a bigger thing for us in the States than anywhere else

Rad: Unbelievable work by many people makes it all possible. Ed: If you imagine a map made of blotting paper and each gig we do as a drop of ink , spreading out over the next few weeks the blobs soon cover quite a large area...maybe the people see this ink as a nice colour and tell their friends to check it out next time. This seems to be the way it goes for us.
John: About 'Bleedin'Time!!!.Where ya been?

Firstly sorry to hear about Roly. If the Ozric's could colaborate with any other band, who would it be?

John: Thanks ...Eat Static...
Seaweed: I've always wanted to play EMS bubs for Gong!!! I reckon in the studio we've all got different people we'd work with, but, live, I reckon we'd most like to work with someone from north Africa like Khaled

Zia: I think individually we all have our dream collaborations in mind but collectively I dunno really. Collaborations are unstable things and you might come away finding that your hero is a bit of a twat.
Ed: KRAAN !!!

Over the last three albums or so, I have noticed a subtle, gradual, significant departure from your Eastern roots into a more technically-ambient type of sound. Why is this? Is it due to line-up changes after "Arborescence", or is it something else I'm missing?

John: The point of the pyramid???...!!!
Seaweed: see's got no more plan behind it than the weather...subject to subtle chaotic influences, we go through seasonal cycles...check out the new one for some sub-continental flavour!

Zia: we still love our ethnic stuff (more on the new album).
Ed: Well , the new album (not out yet) seems to me to have more of that eastern mystical thing than any of the others , so , hang in there...


What songs will you be playing on the U.S. tour this year? I hope to maybe hear some songs from "Jurassic Shift".

John: We're currently working on a version of TRAIN OASIS and other similar 'lift muzak' scenarios! ...
hey guys,when coming to the us,will you be playing anything from become the other or jurassic shift?
Kevin Greening
Seaweed: Vitavoom, jurassic shift, feng shui, cat dna, vibuthi have all featured in previous sets...who knows what we'll be playing...

Do you guys ever listen to any ozric albums in your spare time?
Seaweed: Afterswish and Erpland, Become the other...any one that I haven't heard for ages

Rad: Yes
Zia: not very often but yes I do occasionally like to hear something Ozricy. By the time we've recorded and mixed the things we are so intimate with every nuance that its time for the wider world to soak it up.
Ed: Sometimes

John: yep, ...Space Doubt...Become the Other ...all of them and then...

What tracks stand out as your all-time favourites to listen to?
Rad: Sunscape, Gift of Wings...

Ed: Depends on the weather

Zia: Eternal Wheel and Ayurvedic

John: ...Sploosh, Eternal,Vibuthi( the 'heaviest track in the world'...)

When will you retire or run out of steam/ideas?
Seaweed: When there's no more electricity left

Rad: When people start loving each other some more

John: "Neverwhenever"...!!!

Ed: When the cows come home

Zia: September 12th 2023 about 6.30 pm

Please can we have lots of rare/outtake/ live stuff on cds?
Seaweed: old stuff possibly through the fan club, 'cos the recording quality may not be too commercial!!!

...a video is coming

John: NO !!!...oops!!! only joking..

Ed: Yes soon...


Your music is the utter epitome of my music taste and appreciation - utterly awsome, absorbing, inspiring, dextrous
and also perfect for drenching the senses in while laying in the bathtub...

When you are in the studio, do most of your songs come from jamming in the
studio or do you have a fair idea of what you would like to do before you
get there?
Lew Fisher, Asheville, NC

Seaweed: Different tracks are all made in different ways...the writing credits are a clue as to how a track may have started (all five names means definitely started as a live jam) but then we might jam on someone's specific idea, or someone will bring an idea that inspires someone else and the original never gets recorded, thing is fairly consistent - we never really have a clue what it's going to sound like until it's finished!

Rad: bits of both really.....

Zia: it's usually a mixture of jammed stuff which is then refined and program-as-you-go stuff.

Ed: Yes and yes...

John: No wide ears !!..Just comes... supernaturally..!!! only joking , we jam,we toke, we glisten...!!!

Ed: In what ways do you think the group has progressed in the last 3 years?

Ed: As I'm in the band up to my eyeballs , I can't really say .

I was just wandering how long do you spend creating a track (on average)
because I think that your music is very structured and was wandering how
the hell you do it. (I carn't when i'm recording my music)
from Mark Hodnett Staffordshire age 14
Seaweed: Yeah, they can take a while, and the more structured they are, the longer they normally take. Vibuthi took an outrageous amount of time, 'cos we developed it during my and Rad's first tour, half recorded it, rewrote a whole bit , and then started from scratch again. we've had to hurry it up a bit recently, but familiarity with your gear can really speed up the creative process as well...

Ed: Obviously every track is a different story , but , on average they take about 3-4 for how...well I haven't a clue , the tracks sort of write themselves really.


Why do you never do the original version of Eternal Wheel (from There is Nothing), live?
Seaweed: drum'n'bass on the ol'drumatix, eh? who knows....

Zia: I cant even remember that one....
Ed: Too synthy

Why have you never done chái live?
Seaweed: it's a bit sequenced really

John: maybe one day soon ...I actually really like that track too ...I wonder why...???

Zia: well its certainly one to consider for the future.....
Ed: We might soon


I've noticed that your latest public releast, "Waterfall Cities", shows a more ambient side than many previous releases. Quite simply.. I love it!! Are you planning on keeping this newer ambient sound in future releases?
Don't get me wrong, I love the old stuff as well, but some of these songs.. waterfall cities.. spiralmind.. simply astound me. Thanks for your time!

John: 'newer' ...'ambient'...sound eh?
Seaweed: See above...we really don't plan that much, but thanks...there's always room for a cosmic space...(!)

Rad: Great, thanks a mil, just you wait!

Zia: keep your ears peeled for the new album

Ed: Glad you like ' to wait and see.............................

Ozric Tentacles has held true to it's own musical convictions throughout the years. You are continueing a musical adventure that started in the 60-70's, and are the only band in may mind that has truly created music for the experience it brings. Does the band have any interest in spreading out to a broader audience by possibly backing up lager Prog. Acts that are doing tours now (Yes, Tull etc.)? If there is interest on your part has there been any interest on thiers?
Seaweed: We heard that Tull were using us on the p.a. before their gigs! to be honest, I think we'd rather plot our own course, and keep more acts don't normally have their own light show!

Rad: Those avenues have not been explored to the full, as yet. It's difficult to keep track of what is going on and is doubly as hard to get a foot in the door. We will keep persevering ...You never know!

Zia: personally I know practically nothing about these bands, but I guess it would certainly be an experience to support them on a tour. I'm not sure they've ever heard of us.
John: ...who in their right minds would let open for them???

did you like your concert in mylo Thessaloniki?it was fuckin great!!!!!!
Seaweed: lovely place...nice food...bit of a small stage, but a great crowd of nutters and types!

Ed: Loved it!!! What a blast.
Rad: You took the words right out of my mouth. Hope to come back very soon!
Zia: loved it!
John: Efharisto poli !!!Yes indeedii!!!!

Why on some of your tracks, particularly on Waterfall Cities, do you use programmed drumming when you have a fully bad-ass drummer at your disposal? It was really good to hear Rad playing Xingu live. Please make sure he
does all the drumming on the forthcoming LP! Other than that you guys still rock, and I look forward to hearing and seeing you soon.
Peace, from Mat

Rad Here, Here!J
Seaweed: It's a fair question, but there's two main reasons...1.drum programming is great because even amazing drummers only have 2 arms, and machines can do things only Shiva could possibly, Ed and Zia grew up on quite a lot of Electronica from Tim Blake to Electro, so we can't help hearing crystal machines in the ether from time to time....

John: real drummers 'eat one out of house and home' quicker than samplers J

Have you, as Zuvuya, ever met Terrence Mc Kenna, and are you intersted in shamanism and entheogenic plants?

Seaweed: Never met him myself, but obviously I'm aware of him...I've been more influenced by Huxley, Leary, Castanada and getting all pagan out on the power spots of southern Britain and finding out for myself...

John: Read 'Strange Fruit' by Clark Heinrich !!!..Bloomsbury Publishing Plc 1995 ISBN 0 7475 1548 4 ha ha ha !!

Ed, have you ever played MIDI guitar, and does it interest you to extend your crazy sounds?
Ed: Yes I have played midi guitars , but , it doesn't seem to make any odds whether it's a guitar or a keyboard that I play as they are SO similar in my mind. Therefore I tend to keep guitars as the unique thing that they are.

dear ozrics .I am a blooming young musician from the loanly feilds of Ireland .I've been playing guitars/drums for some time now .I've just recently plunged into the world of synths ,samplers etc. I would be overjoyed if you would be so kind as to send me your thoughts and infinate wisdom on what I should buy and why I should buy it ?always in your shodow ,

Seaweed: Horses for courses innit!? for analogue modelling you could do worse than the supernova(or the nova), for cheapo real analogue, there's still a few juno's being sold second hand(stick to Roland!) , if you're filthy rich, then get a Kurzweil!

Ed: Get a Novation Supernova and a decent sampler and you'll be flying!!!

Hi, guys. Thanks for having filled completely my musical needs during the
last 4 years. Discovering you, guys, and the OT was an amazing experience.

OK, congrats over, I would like to know if you will ever explore again the
sounds like you did in Tidal Comvergence (Erpland). I have to admit that I
really love it, and I would like to listen to it performed live.
Waiting for you in Rome, see ya.
Andrea (Andy, Rome)
Seaweed: It has been known to jam on that chase sequence....

Zia: I've always been keen on that as a live track. One day.
Ed:'s funny that you mention the sound on Tidal Convergence as we have used a similar sound on the new album , so see if you can spot it !

How does the band feel they have progressed since they originally formed?
Seaweed: Well, I can only speak as an observer for the first ten years or so...I'm always tempted to go on about how we're more densely plotted and textured than the early days, but if you hear the bootleg of Stonehenge 84, then you realise that it was surprisingly together even then, and really the loose jam/tight writing thing just turns cyclically like that Eternal Wheel....for my last 6 years, I guess we've just got to know each other that much better, and I like to think that you can hear that in the music...(aaah!)

Hi guys! - Three questions to challenge you! :)
1. With the recent coverage in the press, with people sharing MP3s over the
internet and the claimed damage it does to the big record companies - Do
you think that this is the digital future of music or just a freeloaders

Seaweed; We live in interesting times...the main effect may be that a muso's finances are less and less based on sales, and much more on publishing

Zia: I have no doubt that its both. Remember, they probably called it a freeloader's paradise when the first cassette recorded vinyl. Plus ca change.

Rad: At the Moment a freeloaders paradise.

John: That's a weird one !!!

Ed: I reckon it's the future of music.

2. What do you guys do for hobbies when not doing music? Are you all busy
growing things in your gardens or visiting interesting places - or are you
always so far on alternative planes that you dont have time for dull
earthly things?

Seaweed: Hanging and synthing it up with with my mates, watching movies and crap sci-fi, reading from the sublime to the ridiculous...the usual stuff, when I get the chance, and I'm not just plugged into my rig, off with the faeries...

Rad: I never underestimate the power of the playstation. I live in the countryside so there are plenty to stumble over.

John: Alternative places, alt..spaces deep...

Ed: Cooking amazing food , playing the odd vid game , climbing hills ,

sitting on tropical beaches , lying about etc...

Zia: I like to eat.

3. In your last interview, You revealed that you were getting more into
computers and the internet. What have you found that you like? What do you
hate? Do you have a dream application that you don't have now that you wish
someone would write for you out of the ether?
Seaweed: I just love them audio plug-ins, they're like a drug, man, I use them once and I've just gotta have more...

John: A thought - transference device to work my comp!!!
Zia: slow servers Do you have a dream application that you don't have now that you wish
someone would write for you out of the ether? Thought-to-music software!
Ed: I'm still waiting for the ultimate studio setup in a laptop , sampler , synth , multi effects use on that tropical beach!!!

Just keep manipulating the soundscapes and universal energy streams..
Love and Blessings,
Zia: Cheers Aaron!


I would like to ask the band, Will we ever hear any lyrics from the ozrics in future projects.
Keep up top job.

Ed: Nope...

John: Haven't you heard enough lyrics lately ??....enough... 'Blah..Blah..!!'??? ..whaddya wanna know about!!?
Seaweed: Never say never, but see above for comments about words and how to unzip the zypes

Rad: Strange things do happen

Zia: My philosophy is never say never.....

Here is a little trivia quiz: you have songs starting with every letter of the alphabet except two. Which two?

Zia: duh.....dunno
Rad: Do tell

I was wondering what each member's favorite Ozric Tentacles song is. Thanks.
Erp Man

Zia:See above

Seaweed: (Omnidirectional) bhadra

John: Vibuthi..
Ed: I like "Saucers"

Hello two you all. I would like to know if John has any imput with writing the music? & are you playing Glastonbury this year,& if not, why not? & have you considered going more comercial? (not that i want U2)
all the best.Dominic(the man with ozric tattoo)
Seaweed: check out the new album for the answers to all these questions...

John: Hey Dominic..check 'Ta Khut' on new CD hope you ,, er !!!
Zia: We only make the music we know how to make - if by accident that suddenly became commercially acceptable, so be it. It would probably drop out of favour just as quickly, re - Jurassic Shift/Sploosh.

Hi guys,
Cheers for the years of great music,it enlightens my spirit. Any chance of some guitar tab/technique/etc.or maybe
keyboard/sequencing,not forgetting drums. Play more gigs in Manchester or free festivals. please
All the best
Seaweed: We don't do the tab. or the midi's all down to selfless hours wasted by total saints, so maybe put an appeal on the web-site?

Rad: Cheers we'd love too

can't wait to see you guys again...caught you twice last year...looking forward to the fresh material!

Ed: At the moment all those old tunes are owned by not yet I'm afraid.

For John: Your flute playing is amazing but a little bit hard to hear live. Have you ever tried using a wireless microphone with your flute?
John: Love to ..if.. .. I could afford one...I've tried wireless in-ears and I like them!!!Jethro Tull uses a mic ..however his band aren't quite so loud !!!

How often to you reside for any period of time back in your home own (and my birth place,) Frome? I have never seen you round town!
Yours Tenticly, Dandolf of Whatley
Seaweed: HQ has moved to Cheddar, so we aren't there much now, but we've still got mates there, so it would be good to see the old mute-magnet again! you know.. all roads lead to Frome, so guess we'll make it back there ... somewhen J !!!
Zia: we moved out of the Frome area a couple of years ago.

Ed: I moved from Frome a couple of years ago and now live near Cheddar , so I don't go to Frome so often nowadays...used to tho'.


Why don't you recruit Steve(the master) Hillage or David holmes to mix-up some more tracks or even a compilation of all ozric classics both new and old?
Liam and Tim

Ed: Maybe we will.....
Seaweed: Seeds?


This is a quick one for Conrad, Which musicians and drummers do you listen to and what styles have influenced you through your drumming career?
Rad:There is a variety of drummers/styles that have influenced me. These are mainly rock drummers like Neil Peart (the One), John Bonham, Wil Calhoun, Vinnie C, Bill Bruford. There are so many great drummers I'm spoilt for choice. This is the main core. Jazz and Ethnic rhythms do inspire me and I try to blend these in when ever needed.

Everything you guys do is absolutely phenomenal, and I am truly grateful to have been turned on to you! Recently the Grove of Selves has been layed on me, along with the '84 Stonehenge recordings, and WOW, how impressive. One of my questions is when was your very first recordings as the Ozric Tentacles? I am very interested
in obtaining some detailed history of the band, it would be most appreciated. And also, I want to tell you that you guys rule, I have seen hundreds of shows and you guys rate at the top of them all. My hats' off to Waterfall Cities and the U.S. tour, and I can't wait to get ahold of your latest release, and I am looking forward to seeing you guys come back to the states. I'll be seeing you soon I hope. Keep it up fellas, YOU IS DA MONEY!!! Peace Out!!!
Well I almost forgot my second question or maybe it's a request. Have you been playing Cha'I lately? Hint, hint
I hope to hear it along with all your other masterpieces when you play in the U.S., specifically in the midwest region.
Peace , your most die-hard fan!

Seaweed: 2nd request for ch'ai ! what, do you expect to bring whole sets of gamelan bells out on tour??? have a cuppa...

Ed: there's a challenge ! Cha'i? live eh? Possible I suppose , bit tricky tho'.


Seriously... In Detail, How do the Ozric Tentacles make the Music we hear?
Seaweed: seriously...for every second of ozric music, there's a different tale to be told, so I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific!

John: With supreme ease ...and a few spliffs..
Ed: No wide ear

What... Is the drummer listening to in his headphones?

Ed: Clack tok tok tok Clack tok tok tok BEEP! tok tok tok Clack tok tok tok
Seaweed: The international cricket scores

John: Transponders and 'electrical'circuitry...J !!!
RAD: Radio Gnome

Zia: Britney Spears

You... Guys ARE! the greatest "???"(Band) of all time... Ya'll play TRUE Music... Ed, you fricking rule... Peace, hear you out there...

Is there any chance of another live album, possibly from the recent tour, with classics like Eternal Wheel and Sploosh! that haven't been released as live versions yet?

Zia: most definitely a new live album is now due. We'll see what we can do.

Rad: Abso lutely, it is in the pipeline

Ed: Let's hope so...
Seaweed: You read my mind...contractually delayed until 2002

When I first looked at the track listing on Waterfall Cities I noticed the track Spiralmind and thought it was going to be a new version of my favourite track on Erpsongs. It's obviously a totally different track (with some awesome bass playing) but why did you use the same name, are you running out of ideas in the name department???

Zia: Ed?
Seaweed: er...Ed?...note the difference of the space in the Erpsongs version (oh, it's a fine line between...)

Ed: , yes , but...on Erpsongs it's "Spiral Mind " and on Waterfall it's"Spiralmind"...I didn't realise at the time , probably due to the fact that Erpsongs didn't have titles originally and we didn't name them until it came out on those titles aren't as ingrained as the others.

Dear Ozrics,
Well, I first heard your music whilst standing in Our Price in 1992 and
it completely blew me away. Many thanks. I've been Ozric'd ever since!

My question is has Tangerine Dream influenced you in away?
John: some T.D. is Quite ozricky oh yes...
Seaweed: Not really...I always thought they never really stretched their writing enough - too happy to let the sequencer do all the work

Would you ever consider playing with a group like TD in concert or on record?

Seaweed: We've played with Star Sound Orchestra (sic), but we ain't really on the german scene

Has the group ever been approached to do a film sound track?

Keep up the excellent work!! Best regards
Neil Donaldson

Seaweed: ...we're still waiting for that sci-fi epic.... will happen...
Zia: we'd love to have our music in a film soundtrack. Any offers?

Seaweed - i heard you had a massive shouting match with some of Gong after one of their London gigs recently. Is this really true? Do you, like me, have strong opinions about space rock?

Seaweed: Is this a wind-up? now, if it's not, then this is a bit embarassing, so I'm grateful for the opportunity to put the record straight...yes, I was backstage at their launch party, and yes, I'd had a few beers because I was so chuffed to see them doing their stuff as a happening band (plus Steffy playing Master Builder and Basil Brooks guesting on EMS), so yes, I was possibly a little loud in my numerous encounters back there, but I can assure you that they were politeness itself, and I couldn't have felt more welcome...after all, Didier gave me one of his new cd's, so I can't have been that bad...and, hey, what's a bit of fire energy between friends, eh?

John: Seaweed ...just gotta space in here a mo..!! Well...someone shouted "fuck off 'Crapper Records'"!!..just at the moment every thing went quiet !! ...oops!!.then Daevid Allen invited us ..."backstage" record co. twits..just steve hillage,mike howlett, bloomdido bad de grass,...we laughed together...!!!

Who played the digeridoo on Pharlarn dawn, and are you planing to use the didge again?
Ed: When I was in Thailand in '87/88 I met a type who did me a tape of his mate playing didge...dunno who he is...ah well , hope he doesn't mind...

Where do you stand on all of this Napster/MP3 mess? Do you support the use of these sources to trade music, or
do you abhor its use?
Seaweed: I try not to be scared of's an occupational hazard, but that's the artist've got to believe that the globalisation of culture brings as many opprtunities as risks

John: ...Tricky...depends ' who' you are , really, I suppose..if for instance, you're aband on a mega, but the plight of the'underslunkies' on 'cottage industry' labels,(like!) is another matter..why not get a 'burnt' C.D. off of one of your friends then send the bands some money?? ..There's quite a difference between 'sony' and 'stretchy' is there not???
Zia: don't know too much of the details on that. But I don't care what manner people trade music in as long as the quality is good and there is a system for getting money back to the artist.
Ed: Very little we can do about it really , so , accept it is my philosophy.

When's the new CD going to come out and what is it called?
Rad: check out websites UK andUS!
John:..The C.D will be in the space between your ears b4 you know's our 19th enter the Great Pyramid one must gain entry on the 19th level...then one enters a ' descending ' passage, which ends up in the bowels of the earth and a dead end...the good news is that the 'ascending' passage kicks in, rises past the 'Queens ' chamber, upwards,upwards to 'The Great Step'.....and inside 'The Great Step' lies ...'The Hidden Step' ...there you have it !!! ...unless the possibility remains it could mean something else as well ...!!!

To everyone:
with whom (band or artist) (apart from the whole ozric family and friend) you'd love to work with, making a record, touring, or just appearing during a live show?
Seaweed: Gong again...sorry to be predictable

John: Maybe Cheb Khaled on vox...!!!
Ed: Kraan , Jon Hassel , Steve Hillage (again) , Eastern/Moroccan Virtuosos etc...

To Edd. does the location of where you write music ie..the mill,encourage you to conjure up ideas for tunes more so than if you were in a different location not so inspiring?also ,i find my cooling fan on my computer distracting when trying to write music..seeing edd that you use cubace a fair amount ,has this problem ever plaged your self??? if so any tips from all of you guys to over come this.from philip watson bedfordshire.PS the white horse gig at high wycomb was out there ,all the best for the future.
Ed: I used to find the noise of the 'puter really annoying , especially at first , but now I have the "Guts" hidden in a fairly soundproof cupboard . Much better!!!As for the environment , well , it is good to have a nice view outside the window yes.

Those Liberty Caps, what do you reckon? They just look so wise don't they. THEY'RE SO WISE!! THEY'RE SO WISE!! Bloody trixters, pranxters, the lot of them.....:) OANGE!!!

Ed: They just keep on popping out the ground dont they????
Seaweed: Blessed be, squire, and may we all melt into tiny fractals before we go om...

John: Well,Isn't it NOW then???..The more you know, the more you don't know what you know, know ...!!! I 'll never forget the day... I lost my memory J !!!

Hi!*? Lovely to speek to you. Are any of you in contact with Steve Hillage? or members of Gong or Hawkwind, and have they played any roles in the production or making for any of your spectacular music. if so, what is it like to work beside Steve Hillage, gong or Hawkwind. It might be the case that you dont have much to do with them at all.. Have you ever thought about running a competition for the fan club members and the winner getting a chance to visit your studio in summerset. Cause i think its a jolly good idea. All the best. D. Murphy***
Seaweed: We only really see them at each other's gigs, particularly if we're both playing, so studio collaborations would be a whole other wouldn't have to ask me twice, though!

Where does all your inspiration come from and how do you maintain this throughout an album?
Seaweed: Hey man, you've just got to believe that the planet would be a much poorer place without it...
Zia: inspiration comes in a different form with each different track. Hard to pin down exactly what it is. If you take care of each track, the album somehow takes care of itself.

Hi there Ozrics,
My question is regarding your signing to Dave Anderson's Demi Monde label for your Pungent album (excellent stuff). I'm just curious to find out if he ever jammed/recorded with you, and if you know what he's up to these days. Also, about the Die Losung album with Amon Duul, how many tracks feature Ed and/ or Joie, because I noticed gliss guitar and spacey synths on it.
regards from Australia,
Tom. (Erpfan)

Ed: I don't think we ever jammed with Dave Anderson , and I don't know what he's up to.I think I'm on about 4 tracks on "Die Losung" although I mixed the whole album as far as I can remember.

A swedish fan wonders: What kind of synth did you use in the intro in Fetch me the PongMaster and the Throbbe?
You know that sweet pad with a resonant filter. And all the wobbles and wierdness, is that
MS-20?, Synthi? Is it a KORG Prophecy in the intro in Xingu? Or? Must say Ahu Belahu in the "Spaced Out" album is great!
And so are you guys! You´ve changed my life in very positive way! And many others, I promise! All the best JENSA
Throbbe intro pad is D50, Xingu is mainly wavestation,wobbles and weirdness are probably


yo! when i saw you play at milton keynes in dec'98 (when rad got hurt), you played an awesome tune that is not on
any of your albums and i still hear it vividly... it basically involved some kind of rolling bass and synth bedrock,
on which multiple layers of synth stuff was crescedoesquely added until the critical point where ed just zapped all
these extras out of the mix totally, leaving the initial rumbling, before embarking on the same venture several
times... it was a beautiful juxtaposition of much noise to some noise, hard to explain properly but it has so stuck with me... if you have any idea what i mean then please please utilise it on a proper track, my ears will then be mightily blessed...

Ed: That will have been one of those jams that appear on the night and never get heard again I'm afraid...unless anyone taped it it's lost in the ether........
Seaweed: Sure this wasn't an early Xingu? there was a lot of experimentation that night, because it was our first chance to have a right work out with Stuart,who we'd had a jam with before, but we knew he was up for it and the only guy who knew the current set, so it was a happy ending to a long night...Big Respect to Stuart...
Zia I know exactly what track you're talking about - a warped live Throbbe - and it should make its way onto the next live album.

Hi Ozric's
I just got your Swirly Termination CD and that made
me feel very spaced out! Excellent. Nice packaging.
John: A cheap... 'imitation' ... !!!
How do you guys get such a rich sound?

Jon: 'cos we're in fact quite poor...!!!..but with richer sounds..

The production work always sounds so clear and detailed which
surpass many other bands that I have listened too.

Jon: Wrap yer gazonkas round the next one !!!
Zia: careful listening and not being afraid to use them effects units to full glory!
Has the band ever considered doing a continuous piece of music of say 45mins
made up of different sections?

Has the band ever considered doing a continuous piece of music of say 45mins
made up of different sections?
Zia: someone once said that the entire Ozric Tentacles output is one long piece of music with different moods....
John:..Most of our jams sound just like that !!!

I have been to a few of your gigs and can see lots of people doing some
real bad things with drugs. Does this worry the band that people sometimes
your gigs as an excuse to do these things?
I get high just listening and watching Fruit Salad! Who needs drugs.
Best regards,

John:Hopefully ...'People' come to our gigs to have fun...!!! Not to ABUSE droogs..!!!
Seaweed: Just what are these bad things they're doing with drugs? Dropping them on the floor? No seriously, what people do to get into the music is their own business as long as they're not spiking people or getting in the way of someone else's gig, in which case the crime is the power trip, not the drugs...I've been the clear drug-free consciousness guy and I've been the tripped-out nutter at the front, and everybody's got different times in their lives when they need to be one or the other...we all unify through the music, and that's the miracle...
Ed: People have taken mind altering substances since the dawn of civilisation so I think it's here to stay. What do you mean by"Bad"???

Zia: the music should be enjoyable with or without drugs

I was at a show last July...the 17th i believe, in Detroit, and toward the end of the show, John became enraged. It looked as though he was looking for one of his flutes and couldnt find it. Was this the case, and did he ever find it? Was it stolen off the stage? If it was, im very sorry, and i hope this disgracful act wont keep the band out of Michigan, lord knows, your true fans here pray that you come back.
Ed: Yup...his flute was nicked off the front of the stage , and , yes we will be back!!!

John: m m m... I remember it well...some 'wanker' stole two of my floots'just after our main set and b4 the 'encore'...I had placed them on my monitor,ready to play another was an Indian bamboo 'bansuri', the other a virtually irreplaceable Turkish 'ney' flute...why not HAVE one of my Irish 'penny' whistles which I find simple to replace down my local shop thus forgoing the need to book a 'package holiday' J ...still ...we won't let one bad apple get away with spoiling the whole bunch,so we may well see you again,Detroit..,..p.s... if you find the offender,smile knowingly , then spike his drink ... !!!..'Cheers'..!!!

ed, what random acousticy guitary things do you own? how about doing a cd with a rougher, earthier edge, with much more of the raw/acoustic/ethnic thing going on like some of the bits on erpland?
that kind of stuff is simply wonderful, though i love the heavier/rockier/dancier stuff too...
Ed: I have a saz , 3 various accoustic guitars , a weird sitar-guitar , other things with no names...and yes a few raw accoustic tracks would be fun indeed.

How influential is location in the composition of tracks? (Certain tracks bring back memories of places I've been- for example, Spiral Mind takes me back to a stream in Goathland one night. The rain was rippling on the
water, and frogs came out of the grass... Sorry- got lost there for a second...!)
Also, the dub-tinged tracks stand out for me. I wondered, which dub artists do you rate? Ta muchly x
Seaweed: Michigan was mental for that reason(reminded me of old school punky chaos), but we've had a really nice response from people, so obviously we don't hold it against Detroit!

Zia: I really like African Headcharge and Jah Wobble amoung many others

Ed: I think that each track / journey is different for each person. I certainly have "mind places" I go to with each tune - for sure different to everyone else tho'.

Since I have many questions, I suppose I should edit myself down to just
two basic ones:

1) Where/how do you guys figure out how to use all the synths you do? We
have several that we use in our band (Korg X-3, Roland XP-80 and Kurzweil
K2500s) and finding information on how to use/program them is unbelievably
hard! The documentation sucks to say the least (the the tech help at the
company itself is often not much better).
Zia: just keep experimenting with the things and remember that when you're not using the synth correctly is the best time for accidental glory!
John: aaahhh!!! ..but one must become the other , or 'Wizards of Twiddly' to attain the secret knowledge of the 'sizzliosizer' ,... Frome wasn't built in a day, u know !!
Ed: Well it seems to me that your synths are definitely on the more complicated end of things...maybe 'cause I don't have any of those. When we get new ones we just dive on in there and start pulling the parameters around for a good week or two before even looking at the manuals , otherwise we don't have a clue what they're going on about!

Seaweed: ...the best way to learn synthesis is to get an old analogue monosynth with lots of knobs and find out how it all works! Pro-one or Korg MS20 are both good, because they can sound really odd when you're not in control!

2) How much of your stuff is sequenced for live shows? Like the main synth
riffs in say Eternal Wheel, Waterfall City, White Rhino Tea, etc? Are they
actually sequenced or are you just playing those real-time with the
arpeggiators? If sequenced, do you use programs like Cakewalk or do you
just program everything in realtime?
Zia: Cubase is the one.
Ed: About 2/3 of the live set is sequenced (last tour anyhow).We use Cubase and then clone it into a datafiler for portability.Most of the tracks you mentioned are sequences apart from Waterfall City which is an arpeggiation.

Seaweed:...often it's an arpeggiator, sequenced into cubase, but every bit demands it's own solution...

Ok, well, thanks for all the GREAT music! I'm looking forward to your next

Rowen Poole
Persephone's Dream

p.s. If you guys make it back to the states, we'd love to open a show or
two for you sometime! Your promoters, Entourage Talent, already have our
CD/press kit stuff....

what s the story behind the extra track on the UK vinyl of arborescence?
Ed: Someone else asked that and the answer is up there somewhere.

Hi Guys, got any jobs available for me and my girlfriend so we can let loose and go on tour? YOU RULE!
Fred and Shana
John: We're looking for jobs ourselves at the moment, J ,..but there's a bit of a queue to get on the bus.....always is,... surprisingly enough...J
Ed: 'Fraid all corners are covered at the mo'...sorry.

Dear ozrics
I have been a big fan for almost 10 years now and I have noticed that in the earlier stages of the band (from the tapes) your sets were more fluid and improvisational and now it seems more structured and complete.
Is this progression a natural and desired one or do you find the loose and free flowing songs not suited to the styles of the current members?
many thanks for the music
Anubis from Cleveland U.S.A
Seaweed: see's more a question of current audiences and doing more paying venues and less free festivals

Ed: In the early gig days we never had any tracks to play , we just started with a key and went for it 'till we were told to stop. Nowadays there are SO many tracks on CD that it's more fun to try and play those with the odd jam thrown in here and there...........

Y'allreet lads......
we all know what you think of Hillage and other greats, and what an influence they've been........but do you have any idea what they think of you and your music.....and do you even care?.......keep on funking.....
........much love.......
.........phlegm boy......
Seaweed: I haven't a clue...because we normally see each other at gigs, they probably think we're a bit raucous! I know Daevid's got a lot of respect for Ed, though...

Are the band going to release their first six albums again on cd, as many of us old folk have lost or had dettroyed through over use

wot happened with Snapper guys, and wot's the history on the tracks on Swirly Terminations, reading between the lines it looks like you won't be getting any royalties from it - that true?. It's a shame cos Space Out and kick 98 are really cool, but some of the rest sounds half formed - loose jams, work in progress? I realise it maybe (financialy) painful but wot's the real story?

John: They are wankers ,shysters and deserve to go to hell...

Zia: that's a bit of a never-ending-story I'm afraid - suffice to say they stuffed us BIG time and we are still reeling from it.
Seaweed: Snapper helped us get out of the mess that Dovetail had become with a large payment, but then they closed all communication and have held the catalogue hostage ever since...thus Swirly Termination was a classic end-of-contract album, with all the bits we didn't really need for Stretchy...I'm really glad that far dreaming and yoy mandala saw the light of day, though...

First I want to thank you for all the wonderful music you guys put out. I have just about everything by the Ozrics.
I am sure everyone is asking this question but when do you plan on coming to the USA? And when you do, please come back to First Avenue in Minneapolis MN so I may get to within inches of your wonderful performance
once again.
One more thing about the unsupported cd release this month I do not know if I can resist purchasing it. But I would like to reimburse you if I could. How? Send you 12 bucks? Put it this way, if you come to Mpls again,
I will purchase at least 30 bucks worth of stuff at your table where you sell "stuff".
Keep it up Ozric Tentacles, your music is the best of this genre.
Tom Skinner
Seaweed: cheers...we understand your dilemma...haven't you got a mate who's got it...?

Ed: May as well buy it I s'pose.......

I love you lot & your sounds. Of all your albums which do you all enjoy mostly. One last thing,coming from Lincolnshire I have notice the local Corn getting curious. How about a gig up here! there are plenty of
Seaweed: see above...Erpland/BTO...?

Ed: As a rule I usually prefer the last album , whatever it happens to be at the time.

Dear Ozrix,
what exactly would you classify your music as??

Seaweed: Zero worship

Zia: we don't really, we let everyone else do that....


1)What was the Ozric track that David Wynne chose on Desert Island Discs?

Ed: He chose "Myriapod" from the guitar solo onwards.

2)Can you give any composition and production advice for making music as
original and exciting as Ozric?
Seaweed: use your third ear!

Ed: Follow your heart and mind - ignore the fashion!!!

hi guys,
let me just start by thanking you for allowing us to tape shows.It certainly is a way for us in the states to visit that feeling created at shows during the "in between tours" anxious waits!I was wondering your thoughts about taping,how the open taping policy came about and events surrounding the recent "no SDBDS' ruling. Like 99% of the people I know, I treasure my live ozric tapes.I have taped shows and traded some shows but never will and never have taken money for tapes.This is the norm in the taping scene and I sure pray that a few Bootleggers don't ruin it for the rest of us!
Love and Light
PS thanks for the show you guys played in Nashville ,fall 94 It changed my Life
Seaweed: I thought the sight of 6 tape machines off the desk was the biggest compliment I'd ever been paid, but we have had problems in the States with unscrupulous traders, so now the policy is microphones only...we realise that this behoves on us to make sure that the desk mix gets recorded and archived...

Zia: we've had bad luck with letting people take mixes off the sound board (bootleggers) but its cool to do your own amateur recordings for your own pleasure or to swap.

ed & seaweed : i'm wanting to get into analogue synths... do you have any advice /tips both in terms of models and
also how to go about getting familiar with their great use and potential?
Seaweed: see above...there's no substitute for practice to get familiar with them knobs!

My question about the types of flutes John plays was later answered by the new web site, so here is another: What are the words to Iscence?
John: Iscence your love,magical,like the sun and the moon and the stars above,I feel your loves' natural melodies laughing in my heart,living in my dreams,..enchanted ,..FREE!!!.....there u go !!!

why is there no video of gig available, and will there be any soon?
Are there any plans for more live albums?also how about another "proper " live DVD or video?

HAve you though about re-releasing the Brixton Fridge video, or
about making another one?
Seaweed: soon come...

Are you suitably chemicalized on stage?
Seaweed: of course...!
John: ...usually a glass of local wine (it's a Bacchanalian thang)and muchos bud et occasionalment des champignons magique ...sometimes just a cup of tea !!!
Ed: That doesn't matter.
Zia: Well now.....too much of the wrong drugs can mess up your performance, but a little of what you fancy.....

i would like to know more about the members' spiritual beliefs, as well as any suggestions for books related to these beliefs.

Seaweed: beliefs are a personal patterning of all the information one's ever all depends on one's own experience, doesn't it? The most mind-blowing book I've read recently in this area was "The Dancing Wu-Li Masters" by Gary Zukov(sic?)...fact is indeed stranger than fiction...

Hello Ozrics,
I have a couple of silly questions here...
"Saucers" has to be one of my all-time favorite Ozric tunes, especially the
spaced-out last section. Is that a real fretless bass, or a synth bass, or
both? Whatever it is, it's a great sound.
Ed: It's a fretless sample and a D50 bass running together I think.

For Zia -- who are your bass influences?

Z: Roly Wynne, Helmut Hatler, SquarePusher

Also, how do you record your
bass, direct or do you mic the amp?

Z: Mostly direct with effects.

I like the way you vary your tone from
track to track --sometimes it's up-front, sometimes more subdued.
Thanks for coming to the States last year, you guys rocked!! Come back
tim egan

How can i play the forth side of the arborescense lp and get an audibly coherent result ?

Z: Your guess is as good as mine.
Ed: You can't!!!

Hi Guys!
What music or styles have been the biggest infulences on your individual developement and creative direction? Are you all in the same bag or do have seperate and distinct tastes that combine to the uniqueness of Ozric's
sound? When will you begin to stock xx and xxx t-sirt sizes? Some of us heavy duty Yanks don't fit into the standard econo sizes.
Love your music!!
Seaweed: see above..we're definitely all different, and bring different things to the party!

John: Maybe sew more than one t-shirt together..J ..we'll see what we can arrange...!!!

I have a car, do you?

Z: no
Seaweed: 'fraid so, and I love it dearly, because there isn't really any public transport between London and Cheddar that accepts Synth rigs! I do use a pushbike and Shank's Pony when in town, though...
John: I use my bicycle or public transport or the zubway !!
Rad: WHY?

will you ever do an "ozric's unplugged" album?
Seaweed: hmmm...piano versions of neurochasm, eh?
John: Unplug one of Seaweed's synths and no sound comes out !! same with Zia's bass,& Ed's electric guitar ..perfect for me and Rad!!! Good idea !!..J
Zia: no! What good is a synth unplugged?

What books/authors, have inspired you in you life and in your music?
Seaweed: Ursula Le Guin, Huxley and Leary, Beckett...

Rad: George Lucas
Zia: I'm not aware of any books influencing my music. Books that had a profound effect on me would be Life is Elsewhere by Milan Kundera and Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut

Why have you set up something as commercial as a fan club? Making things exclusive to its members is unfair to those of us who have no address, let alone 20 quid to give you.
Seaweed: Fair enough, but it also gives us a forum for releasing some old and new stuff that doesn't have to go through the normal channels and gives us a way of communicating with fans a long way away who don't have internet access...I'm not a member of Crimson's or Gong's fan clubs, but I do get to hear their weird releases through friends, so I'm glad they exist...

John: Join the club !! you may find you're not the only one without any money,matey ..
Rad: If you have a friend who has a permanent address , maybe they can help you out. As for the fan club, we have fans who ask us to do things and make things available to them, but starting some thing like this is a very costly thing to us. In the long run we can improve and, hopefully bring down the price so that everyone can join.
Zia: Understood. The most important thing about us is the music, and that is available to anyone who can scrape up the cost of a CD. We have to sell stuff in order to survive and selling anything at all will always exclude those who have no money.



First, as always, a very deep & sincere THANK YOU for your music, which has
brought so much joy and !!!! to my life. Listening to the music in real
time, or hearing it inside my head is without a doubt one of the most
spiritual experiences anyone could have. This may sound nutty, but I feel
strongly that Ozrics music is one of the things that will be carried within
me throughout my life's experience, from the physical to the next planes of

A few questions:

1. for Ed: Last week I was in London on vacation, and while doing the
Cheyne Walk was drawn to a sculpture where the name "Roland Wynne" leapt
out at me. What a moving image.... to see Roly's free spirit flying on the
fin of the dolphin set in bronze! I assume this is Roly anyway, as it
looked and felt like it must this correct? Just that morning I
woke up with Tidal Convergence playing in my head. Anyway, I will never
forget happening upon it and the beautiful way his spirit was captured
within the sculpture.

Ed: Yes that is indeed a sculpture of Roly.Amazing about you hearing Tidal Convergence that morning...I can remember putting down the bass parts with Roly and the thing I remember is the fact that we were both really laughing as he actually recorded the intro section...thats why we kept that particular take!!!
John: strange but true !!!

2. for Ed, Seaweed, Zia, John & Rad: Ozrics music is so visual for me
being a visual artist I get so much inspiration from your incredible music.
So I was wondering if any of you made visual art as well (such as Ed's wild
erpmen, very Dutch/Bosch-ish & makes me think of the crazy figures in
medieval illuminated manuscripts) and are you inspired musically by visual
art at all? Just curious :-).
Seaweed: I'm absolutely terrible with visual arts, so for me the music comes first, and then the images in my head...

Ed: In my head music always creates places and images...

Rad: I'm a very enthusiastic modeller, I love the curves and lines people come up with in car world, but I think the way George Lucas/Ralph McQuarrie/Doug Chiang shaped entire universes from the electricity bouncing around in their minds utterly blew my world apart time and time again. Then all of a sudden , whilst playing Myriapod in NY99 I closed my eyes and not only saw myself on a S.T.A.P. but had the distinct impression that I was flying along over a wooded area and the track meantime is continuing on a totally different plane entirely. Bizzaro e surrela!

Z: I cant draw to save my life, I'm afraid, and I'm a bit ignorant about art generally. I do love people caricatures and practically anything by the painter Turner.

John: I 've been known to 'Pen and Ink' a bit myself, I 'll have you know. !!! specially with doob of 'California Orange' ..!!!

How well did you go down in America and did you enjoy playing to a different type of Audience?
Seaweed: America has been an absolute revelation over the last few years, and every region has it's own audience, so it's hard to generalise (that's the revelation!)...generally, we seem to attract a quite musically educated crowd out there from all walks of life and of all ages...

Zia: we love playing in America - a very appreciative audience, and the last tour we did seemed to go down very well. American audiences don't seem to dance and loon about as much as British ones, but they do listen very closely.

what is the track off WATERFALL CITIES that you are most proud ofand pleased with
Seaweed: Coily

John: Ch'ai..

can i join? I play tuba.
Seaweed: they're very difficult to mike up on stage!

John: We're actually looking for a bit of 'flugelhorn' right now,don't play that as well , do ya J ??
Z: tuba? You're in. Sultana Detrii

why wasn't the track 'Plurlngrium' by nodens ictus (taken from the club dog feed your head cd) included on spacelines, as it is floaty light!?
Ed: Oh yeah...that's a thought , maybe on the next one...

our you going to bring out any more albems?
Seaweed: perish the thought

Z: yes

hello guys,
these are private questions for ed. i have plans to be in europe next spring, and i am hoping that we can jam together on the guitar, if your schedule permits. do you think that it would be possible? also, would you consider producing a project if the music and the energy were right?
humbly halftree
Ed: I never know what the next week will bring as far as a jam goes , yes , love to but when , I just dunno I'm afraid.


Me an' me missus 'ave thinked up some names for songs. Would yer might use 'em on a tape. Here they are. SHINY WASP HEAD. MANY WONKY LIMESTONES. EBONY CREVICE AND EAGER TRINKLET

the album "Swirly Termination" certainly seems a bit lite in content and comes across as a bit of a fake by the record label..I've heard of discontent between snapper and ozric and with the new label and all could you tell me a bit of what went on there and what the deal is with "Swirly"?
John: snapper won't account to us ,so best avoid their 'products'..why not burn a C.D. and donate money to charity ? how about the 'Ed's broken strings'trust fund..J !!

Hi Ozricles !!
A question to John:
What do you think about astrology, star constellations ?

John: as above, so below ...mmm...'Orion' is my fav ...and B Sirius ..'Dogon it...!!!

another to Ed:
Is that a 12 strings guitar at the end of Gift of Wings ? (at 06:55)

Ed: Don't think so...
this one to Zia:
Is there a favorite Sci-Fi book of yours ? What kind of SF do you like ?
bye, BIG Love from Hungary !

Zia: I don't read any Sci Fi books cos I like to SEE it. The kind of SF I like is full of MASSIVE, FAST spaceships with terrifying laser guns. I like mad space wars, strange aliens, mysterious higher intelligences, beautiful planet scapes. The production values in all the Star Wars films really does it for me. I love The Borg and The Empire and hideous robots that are NOT cute in any way.

Last question! I am a bit confused about the releases at the moment. What I want to ask is about the ERPILATION cd/thing .Is it a cd and if so when will it be coming out.
Seaweed: Erpilation is a compilation of tunes done by fans, organised through Erpnotes (see our site or Mike's for details) (big Up to Erpnotes and Mike too!)

TGCVHGG vvGdrcb bhmnhgVG<JV ???

My question is for Ed: You guys are often compared to Phish, in that you've had a very similar upbringing, been together for the same length of time, and share a common aesthetic. Obviously the styles between the two bands are very different, but much of the same spirit is there. Have you listened much to Phish? If so, what are your thoughts on the band, their music, musicianship, & fan community? I have always considered Ozric Tentacles to be the Pink Floyd to Phish's Grateful Dead. Would you agree? I'm interested in hearing your thoughts (and would love to see some sort of "summit" between the two bands).

Dear Ozrics,
I am a huge fan of your guy's music I think it is the best thing since early Pink Floyd. Speaking of which, how much influence has Pink floyd had on your material? Another Question, I don't mean to be critical Ed, but I am dying to hear an album with more minor 7th type chord phrasing, I heard a bit of that type of guitar on Erpland and Strangetude, It would be great to hear more!
Seaweed: you know that bit in the middle of "echoes", when it gets all spooky....that's EMS, that is! Meddle was the first bit of music I ever heard after my first smoke...'nuff said

Ed: To be honest I've never stopped to think what scale a track is in so

perhaps some "m7th phrasing" may well pop up at random....who knows???

I love everything about yous lots, but why don't you make more of an effort to get yourself well known, eg magazine ads, tv ad, (i know this is expensive, but still)...or are you happy as you are.
Seaweed: You said it! we try to use our meagre resources as best we can, and there are better ways of reaching the right people, but we do advertise new releases in the mags

Zia: we're trying, we're trying but its hard in a world that is afraid to try anything that's not REM
Ed: It seems that we're too strange for the masses to cope with...Perhaps the world will catch up one would be nice!!!

Hi fellows from outtaspace!
is it possible to see you at any lifeperformance in germany anytime?
And why is it so hard to find any news about the band?
I feel fine since i`ve found this site at the www.
Seaweed: Germany is a very different market to the rest of Europe, it seems, without much crossover, but, as you say, we have hopes that the internet will help us integrate ourselves somehow and compete with David Hasselhof!!!

Zia: we have played in Germany only a couple of times. Its very hard to get a start in that country - it is quite a closed system. We'll keep trying to find a promoter who is willing to take a risk.

What was so peculiar about the Boulder,
july 24 1999 sat. gig that you wanted
a recording of it? Or did you really want the sunday gig?
Rad: Yes please, yes please, the Sunday Gig Pretty please (send to Stretchy Records)

I've turned many people on to your music and my nieghbor was curious if Ed has ever had a regular job?

Ed: No
How about the other band members?
Ever hold down regular jobs?
If so what were they?
Said neighbor is a big Cure fan who really admires Robert Smith because the only job he ever had was playing guitar and being the front man for the Cure.
Seaweed: I've done them all, mate! postman, cleaner, roadsweeper, courier, anything manual that kept my mind my own, so that I could still do music when I got home
Z: I've done loads of jobs over the years when the money dries up. With luck it's a job making music for fashion shows or product launches, but I've also become a reasonable decorator as well!!!

What is that chanting on Xingu from?
Ed: No wide ear

What guitar effects do you use in Kickmuck?
Ed: Echo , phaser , wah , distortion , reverb , eq , and the rest!

You guys are such an incredible band, especially LIVE.
I saw you in Minneapolis, MN on your last tour and I am still in awe.
Ed is one of my favorite guitar players, especially his acoustic stuff,
and your rhythm section kicks absolute ass. I've noticed that on some
of your recordings you incorporate an arabic sound to the songs, especially
in the guitar and percussion. Do you plan to do more of this type of sound
please) and who are your influences in this area?
Seaweed: obviously we love it, so there'll be plenty more to come...influences range from classical Indian to Arab religious chant to moroccan pop and Bhangra beat...even flamenco! Anything with a flattened 2nd has always got my attention...

Ed: Plenty plenty more ethnic noises oh yessssss!!!!!!!!!!!


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