~Ask Ozric Tentacles~



These questions were generated from the "Ask Ozric" Promotion where fans of Ozric Tentacles could ask a member of the band a question via Mike's fantastic website. The following are the responses to the questions from members of the band.

The "Ask Ozric" interview was conducted on April 9th 1999 at Ed's home in Somerset with Ed and Rad in attendance. Selective questions have also been forwarded to Seaweed and Zia and have been included. All questions regarding USA tour dates can be answered by checking the website site and therefore were not directed to the band themselves.

Video of Ed making sound effects in the studio

The band would like to thank all those that took part in the questions. They kept everybody entertained throughout the day and surely this is something we can repeat in the future. To all those who sent questions that warrant a personal reply (promoters,DJ's etc),replys will be sent directly. Incidentally - all questions were answered by Ed unless otherwise stated!


On music/creation


see the video of the next few questions

What is your favorite synthesizer ?

That's a tricky one. What i'd answer is "what for?" Cos i use them all for different things. The first one i had was a pro1,which was great for 10 years, but my fave at the moment is my new one,which is a "supernova" by novation, which is like 8 polyphonic pro1's stacked together.

(Seaweed:at the moment it's the jp-8000 without a doubt, but my first real "axe" was my ms-20, and no other synth in the world can sweep its hpf and lpf so sweetly! Also, big shout to the ems synthi aks that i bought off joie: still the most celestial bubbles in the world, and still in the family!)

What is your midi set up like in your live setup?

(rad) - like a beast!

(ed) - like a ball of wool,actually! We call it a "midi ball" and it lives in a bag - we pick it all up by one plug and hope the colours match! I've got a set-up and so has Seaweed but they're not connected together - i've got a central brain that runs all my synths.

(Seaweed: i only use midi to layer different synths on top of each other - good way of finding new combinations!)

 Is rad syncing to midi all the time?

(rad)Not all the time. Currently the ones i sync to are "sploosh", "china type", "eternal wheel", "oddentity" and the new one "sultana d'etre"

How much of your live shows are sequenced ?

That's the same question as above

Do you like any commercial synth patch companys ? If so which ?

I don't even know what they are - one for Seaweed!

(Seaweed: me neither! If you mean patches for synths made by someone else, then heaven forbid! That's my biggest pleasure in the world, specially when under psychedelic guidance...)

see the video of the next few questions

Are you more partial to korg of roland products ?

I'd say just about equal really, but they're my favourite two.i've got as many of each and they make a good combination.the korg ones have got an interesting strangeness to them - quite grungey, and the roland ones have got the clear ethereal thing,whispy strands.

Have you any plans to do any soundtrack work ?

I've done some,but i'd like to do more. I've done archeology programs

And egyptology stuff. You get given a helicopter shot of the pyramids, for example and then i write as i watch, which is brilliant!

Zia: i’d love to try one!

Have you done any soundtrack work in the past ?

As above.

Does any one in the band have a 2nd job or do you all spend 100% ozricing?

Zia does from time to time - he answers telephones and cooks pasta and sometimes writes funky little dance tunes for fashion shows

Seaweed: i still play with several bunches of my mates, but for love, not cash.

The band seems to have had alot of problems with record labels. Whats going on ?

(rad) - too strange.

(ed) - it's the state of the business unfortunately

Seaweed: it's hard to mesh universes with someone who hasn't got a f***ing clue what you're all about!

Zia : they all stink!!!!

 what synthisizers do you use in the studio?

(this will be included in the studio listing which will be appearing on the site shortly)

 what sequencing software do you use in the studio ?

Cubase,basically. On pc. It's not cubase audio yet, but it will be.

Zia : me and Seaweed use cubase audio at home…

How much of your cd's are actually recorded live ?

Often the tracks are conceived in this way.there are usual 4 of use plugged in and going onto tape at one time, and we keep anything that's really good, but quite often we'll re-record.it's different for every track though.

Do you have any tips for people on how to fit guitar into a mix?

Weel the funny thing about guitar is that when you've got the mix quiet, the guitar sounds too loud, and vice versa. So try and get it somewhere in between.

How do you record your guitar? Do you go direct or use a mic'd setup?

Depends on the part. For lead solos i use a mic'ed marshall 4x12 with a shure sm57 mic'. For some reason it always sounds best in the bottom left-hand speaker

When mixing down, do you use any effects? (reverb, surround, etc..?)

Yes - masses! As many as i can find all going full-on. I don't believein having all these effects if you can't hear what they're doing.it's nice to make it hyper-real.

Are you using analog or digital to produce your music?

A combination, but recording onto 24trk 2" analog tape. There's no digital recording as yet, apart from the samples

(rad) - and the spice doubt album !

How did john end up with the band ? Were there mutual friends ?

We were. He said he wouldn't mind driving us to gigs. Someone gave him a flute one day and that was it! He was on stage at every gig!

What ever happened to roly? Is he doing another band ?

I believe roly's doing something. He's got some mates in london that he blasts about with (a band called "escalator" i think)

Seaweed: currently jamming with psy steve

What role do drugs play in your creative inspiration?

They keep things focussed, in a way

Seaweed:psychedelics are fantastic for instant feedback and intuition, but powders are terrible for vibes and for timing - generally the kind bud is our main cup of tea

Zia : they keep things strange

Where are each of the members of the band from ?


At this point the tea-lady (scotty) arrives in full drag, complete with dreds in a hair-net,fluffy slippers and a dirty roach hanging out of his/her mouth. What a lady-boy.

General chit-chat follows. Eddie and rad discuss the drummer on sting's "seven days" track, the riff for which rad fits into parts of dissolution.

Where do each of the members of the band live now ?

(rad) - me and ed live in somerset, zia,john and Seaweed all live in london.

 are any members of ozric on the web or surf the web?

Seaweed does,yeah (zia and ed since this interview,too)

Who is blim , and how did he/she get involved with the band ?

Blim is a she, and artist extraordinaire. She's also the one behind the merchandise stall at gigs.

How do you see your music fitting in with the rest of the worlds music ?sideways, almost - in a way.

(rad) - it's out there, from the world, all over the world!

 are there any artists that have personally inspired members of the band? Oh - i shouldn't think so! (rad) neil peart - rush drummer

(ed) i've had so many i can't name them all. Hillage for a long time, but there are so many inspirations from different places...people i don't know,on street corners. Anybody who flies with their instrument is worth taking inspiration from.

Seaweed: just got to give a shout to trilogy gong, without whom...

Zia : my personal sound world is heavily influenced by electronic weirdness, techno, drum’n’bass (eat static, squarepusher, some aphex twin). But i have to mention such oddities as steely dan, julian cope, nusrat fateh ali khan, pan-african styles, any heartfelt ethnic music as just a few of my all time favourites.

How would you catagorize your music ?

I wouldn't. I wouldn't be able to. To pigeonhole it is to cage it. You could possibly categorize each track.

Zia : unusual

Does the band prefer playing live or in the studio ?

They're both amazing.one's external,one's internal.studio's to do with polishing and crafting.live is all about what's happening at that micro-second

(rad) it's like an exam!

Zia : i’m big on instant gratification so i enjoy live quite a lot…

Whats the wierdest experience that the band has had happen with a fan ?

(rad) - the trophy has to go to "superman", this guy who turned up and wanted to introduce the gig and recite some poetry.he then started screaming and freaking out! He followed us for the whole tour, hired a greyhound and brought all his mates along!

(ed) also the guy that brought his dog to gigs. He used to hold it up to the mic' under his arm and squeeze it so it would bark!

Has the band considered moving to los angeles (us) to get closer to the music scene ?

When i'm there it does enter my mind that it would be an amazing thing, but it'd probably be a bit full on. La is nice, in a wierd sort of way.

Seaweed: not sure about la - san fran maybe, but only if i could commute!

Zia : wait a minute! I thought london is the music scene. What more could you want??! I’ll stay put!

What influence has tangerine dream had on any member of the band ?

Some of the sequenced stuff is nice. I used to jam along to their stuff with my guitar.i'm very thankful they existed, they certainly had their moments. Steve jallop has done a few things with merv.

Can you describe your home life growing up ? From wealthy background , poor etc ??

(rad) - star wars!

(ed) school and then music is all i can remember!

Seaweed: stuck in a school miles from the action, counting the days 'til i could get involved - still, it's good for practice and motivation to be isolated! Anarchy and peace!

Zia : music, sci-fi, music, sci-fi, mus..

Do you use any formulas when writing music? (building , abab, etc ..)

God, no,no.

I don't really know what they are.

Zia : i guess we’ve developed our own vocabulary, which does’nt seem to relate to anyone elses.

(questions) what are the inspirational sources for your song titles?

Desparation! Oolite grove is a road name nearby, for example

Seaweed: when they're successful, there's a sound or picture in the name that does relate to the song...sometimes it's pretty obscure though!

 does one of you writes the songs, or do you improvise them?

It's different for each track

How much time do the band spend to jam?

Not as much time as we'd like to!

(questions) the dance/trance influence is marked from erpland to curious, is this the direction the band wants to take? Or is it from new member influence (or newish members i.e. Zia, Seaweed)

That's just what's happening in the world. What goes in,comes out. But there's no real concious decision. There's always been elements of dance music in there.

Seaweed: i think we feel that the dance world only recently realised the potential of the technology they had...they're just catching up!

Zia : we don’t plan to go in any particular direction. Some of ozrics synth-ness pre dates a lot of acid techno.

What role does the korg wavestation play in the creative process of your music ? Is it a creative springboard ?

It was more than it is now because it's not so new anymore. When i first got it,yes. At least two tracks off each album because of it's mental mouthyness.

 Which versions of the wavestation do you guys use? (ex, sr, a/d ) and how many ?

1 and ex.

 You may not want to reveal your trade secrets, but how do you get all those amazing farting, gurgling, water type sounds? Other than that, you are the most creative and

Vital band to come along in years...probably since the early days of prog and space.....oh, i have a roland d50 with

With the programmer and i can get some interesting sounds, but nothing like the stuff you come up with..

Anyway we can! Some of it's sampled,but a lot is from the pro1. The d50 isn't so good for that sort of stuff. I couldn't get many wierd sounds out of it, though once i managed to get a sound like potatoes cooking in a fire! With the d50,if you make the note go as low as you can by using all of the controllers, it sounds like rocks clonking around underwater, which is what joie and i discovered

 In several songs you have what sound like natural animal sounds, such as bird calls in code for chickendon (and the same one in feng shui) and arborescence, frog calls in meander. I was wondering if any of these are natural sounds you recorded and if so where? The bird calls don't sound like any of the ones i know from europe or north and central america.

Great question!yes - asian birds. Recorded in thailand

Also, ahu belahu reminds me of whale sounds but i assume those are synthesizers?

Yes - but can't recall from which

Eddie: why dont you try synth guitar? I can find a endorsement for you with

Godin guitars i never really like it but i try it my own way and with

Imagination you can do everything with that. Phone me junao oo 32 2 414 80 22

Rue de larmistice 34 1081 bruxelles belgique. We talked a couple of times

Feel free to call me anytime.

It's alright, but the guitar synth is more for someone who hasn't got a knack on the synth. But yeah! If you can get free one i'll definitely try it out.

 Is rad feeling much better?

(rad) - yeah! My back's much better. I'm fit and i can't wait to play again! Chomping at the bit!!

Have you ever played the jurassic shift track live? And are you planning to play it in the upcoming gigs?

Yes - we went through a stint of playing that track. Maybe.

What drum set up does rad use? Being a drummer myself i am trying to tune mine the same and i love his snare sound.

(rad) my kit is hand-made in italy by a friend of Seaweeds, so it's the only kit like it, as far as i know. The snare is custom, too so you'll have trouble getting the same sound unfortunately.

 Are you planning to include more ethnic percussion in your music. Erpland and strangeitude were full of this,and i miss it!

I miss it too. Unfortunately we don't have anybody currently playing percussion. We had a big problem on stage with percussionists trying to hear themselves, cos we're roaring away. We play a bit ourselves but it's never quite the same.

Your music is very pagan and has a lot of pagan references in the titles etc. (eternal wheel) do you have leanings toward paganism? (not that is bad at all!)

One for Seaweed!

Seaweed:i think we're all sensitive to the living conscious nature of it all, but equally suspicious of trying to describe it in words - that's why we don't have many lyrics ! Music is magic is ritual is life is love...blessed be...

What advice you you have to people who are interested into getting into making music - such as the wonderous colourful rich sounds you play?

(this question was missing off the tape and video - we'll put it to ed shortly)

Seaweed:trust your instincts...i was listening to punk and prog at the same time when i was a kid, and now it doesn't seem so crazy! The most important thing is to believe that the planet will be in deep trouble if you don't express the music in your mind! As long as it comes from love, you can't go too far wrong...

Is psilocybin/psilocin (ie. Mushrooms) an integrated part of the music you make?

It has been.1 or 2 albums have been made on them.pungent and erpland were writtn and recorded on them cos they were growing everywhere outside the studio!

 I would like to ask Seaweed what synth (or sample) he uses to get the amazing hair raising lead synth sound in sploosh, please.

Er..that's not him actually. Live, that sound comes from the prophecy a razor edged,fun and savage sound.

It's often been mentioned by fans, but i've yet to hear a statement directly from anyone in the band. I simply wonder if so/how much the band rush had to do with the formation of "an ozrics sound" over the years?

I don't know about over the years...joie was a bit of a fan but his sound wasn't really like it. Since rad joined i got into it more.

Seaweed: i found their time signatures very inspirational when i was a teenager - not many other bands working in 7's or 5's at the time

Zia : rad is the rush man. I like the bass playing and drumming, but the vocals…..?

(questions) i would like to see a complete list of all the gear that everybody in the band uses, down to the minutest detail. I've heard that Seaweed has way more synths at home than what he lets on at live shows...

Seaweed: the main ones at home are the jx-8p and the ms-20, also an sh-101 somewhere

Ed, is that the d-50 on "floating seeds", creating the swirly sonic backdrop,as well as the textures on nodens ictus _the grove of selves?


see the video of the next few questions

What kind of drum machine was used for the 80's recordings?

God...when was that? Oh! The early tapes...errr..a dramatics 505 or 606 roland boss thing, and then later on the next one up - the 707. Then i got an alesis before it went onto samplers etc.


Will you guys come over and play tunes for me everyday?

(much laughter)_

My real question is, for the majority of the sequenced tunes, which tracks generally come first in the writing process? I realize that it varies from tune to tune, but which method do you use most? Do you start with a nice eternal wheel melodic arpeggiated-ish synth riff? And then just start placing things on top? Is it an everyone gathers and jams like mad type thing, to dat for example and then you go back and pick out what works and what doesn't?

Blimey! I'd like to hope it's 50/50. Maybe slighly more sequenced based nowadays.

My last question is when are you gonna send me some of your outtakes from the past and present!!! I would love to hear some unpolished ozric with the new lineup. I can imagine rad doing some sick drumming during those jam sessions!!!!!! Sample sample sample!

(laughter from rad)

Seaweed:look out for live tapes - a lot of our jamming takes place on the road nowadays, and that is where we can test things to see if they work...different synth sounds etc.

 I am always amazed of the production of each of your recordings. For instance, on "dance of the loomi", the highhat sound seems almost too crisp to be acoustic and on "wob glass", the drum sound is perfect. Are alot of the drum tracks played acoustic then run through a processor? If not, how do you get such a crisp sound out of the precussion?

Just by adding loads of top-end really, eq-ing the daylights out of it.then sometimes detracting eq rather than adding it,but just trail and error really.

Seaweed: it's a game for ozric fans - can you spot the samples and drum machines! Nowadays it's easier to get a nice organic combination of acoustic and electric percussions...even we can't remember which they were sometimes!

 How did you get so damn good as musicians???????

That's a wierd one! Just by being obsessed by it,really

Seaweed: there's no substitute!

(questions) have you ever heard of john zorn?

No - but would like to hear some.

Will the ozrics ever play neurochasm at one of their concerts,

Seaweed: rad really wants to, but there's a lot of sequencing, so the rest of us will have to find something groovy to do over it

Will the ozrics ever do a concert with steve hillage?????????????

System 7 supported us at one of the pongmaster balls.

(rad) we're not worthy,man! He's had the most amazing drummers play with him

Thank you!!!

 Just want to let ya know that yr music gets played on the airwaves often (pirate radio here n ma neck of the woods) n on wpkn 89.5fm in ct(free form radio)my friends show(sat night 1:00am-6:00am). I saw ya the last two times u were in ny. Bless u!!!if u have any press packages or info concerning releases send it my way. Really , man yr music has given me alot of enjoyment and i thank u!! Free press on a strong signal in the tri-state area!!!!

My question is kinda musical in nature. Other than the prog rock n traditional music melodies in yr vibe what are u guys listen to?? Other than electronic stuff... Tom

Wierd stuff.oriental,ethnic stuff. But i spend so much time making it that i don't get time to listen to it!

Seaweed: we always forget to mention dub as an inspiration - the first street level studio space music??????????????????also psychedelic jazz like miles davis

Ed what kind of pickups(guitar)u playn on that spice doubt jam?

(another one that was missed somehow - we'll repost to ed)

Hope the fellow who was rushed out of a gig is feelin better!!!

It's a great time to be alive!! We all chose to be here at this time..

11:58pm the tea is herbal

Burble be well!!!!

 Is it true that ed's hand is on the old 50p's? (50 pence coins)

No - it's my brother's (johnny),sculpted by my dad.

I read an interview with ed during the making of become the other in which he said that roland had leant him the new rss (roland sound space) 3-d mixing device. Any chance we'll hear some 3-d effects in the future, or am i just missing the ones that are already there?

Ahh, that never happened. There was talk of it at one stage, but we use the sde330, which has 3d panning and stuff..

 Ed - who are yr biggest influences aside from steve hillage?

Kraan are the best of the lot. Can.

What ever happened to that sitar guitar from "(omnidirectional) bhadra," as well as some of yr other guitars of the past (i.e. Some of the acoustics)?

The "sitar" is actually a plank of chipboard that my brother used to test pick-ups on.i asked him to put a high bridge on it and it ended up sounding like a sitar!

And lastest but not leastest, where can i get my hands on some kraan?

I most of it's deleted.Try Germany.

(questions) Is dovetail looking for or considering signing any new acts in the future? Perhaps some musicians from america? I think i know just the right band!

(Dovetail no longer exists and dovetail product is illegal merchandise that the band no longer endorses)

(questions) ...Ed: what kind of computer setup do you use for your sequencing and arranging....what kind of software would you suggest to someone just beginning to use a computer a the mother brain sequencer/arranger

The answer to both question is "cubase"


I have noticed a trend recently that i suppose might be worrying to some - there seems to be a gradually increasing amount of abrasive/aggressive sounds, stilted beats and the "scary" voice thing taking over the music - is this the natural progression to more and more hardcore sounds or are you trying to frighten us all away ?(much laughter) i'd love to know which tracks he's talking about.

Seaweed: c'mon man, the gigs have always had an element of chaos to them...maybe it's because the gig and the studio are more connected now - the yin and yang being more mixed in each case than before when maybe the albums were more blissed and the gigs were more unpredictable!

Zia : its all part and parcel of the ozric world.

Maybe you're just carrying on with your stuff: i guess this is what you'll say in reply (if anything!)

I love your music - it is one hundred and seventy thirteen years ahead of most of what's going down, in fact the view from normland is there is only this one staircase/surfchase to the sparkly zones.

Dissolution remains my favourite of your tracks ever (i mean the version on pungent) but your new developing sound is going to give me a headache - is this the only warning you can give them (those who dont know any better) ?

Please please please please please although im sure since you know i know you wont be giving me any satisfaction (oh yeah and john ? I found my hat - although there's no way you'll remember that - it was the night rad hurt his back (get better soon rad if you havent already))

I'll leave you with a song:

I didnt mean to hurt you,

Im sorry that i made you mad

I didnt mean to hurt you

I'm just a little sad.

Love to you all

The apprentice.

Big love to you too


What do you get if you cross a delay pedal with a microphone inside your mouth and a talk box ?

(much confusion) One for Seaweed!

Seaweed: cheers guys - an inter-dimensional reality inverter

Ps my girlfriend thinks you're the police - i told her to stop being so foolish, to shut up and dance, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

(questions) jurassic shift was the first ozric album i heard and i still think its one of the best. However, i believe the band don't rate it that much. Why?

That's not true. No. I love it!

Zia: i love it too

(questions) when zia joined the line up (jurassic shift) did the band feel as if they had shifted up a musical gear? Mega congrats on the venue gig in edinburgh dec 98. One of the most outstanding musical experiances of my life.

Not really,no because roly has a lot more musical knowledge than zia, in a way.

Seaweed: possibly the stable recording environment at the mill made a difference?

 On Touring

 (questions) hallo, i´m francesco from italy, i wrote last day to information about the tour of the 1999, and about a possibility to a concert in my country in this summer 99, now i have email address to your answer: pr374@pns.it, i´m waiting to news, thank you, and good job!!!!!!

(scotty) europe's looking like the end of the year, with some possible festivals in july. We were due to go this month, but due to the delay with the remix album, they had to go back.


My friend sergio madeira, your nr.1 fan in portugal, is asking when are you coming over to portugal for the first, of many(we hope),concert.

It would be the best chance to grow your popularity in portugal.

Pls advise

For the best band in the world...


Seaweed:love to, love to

Hello my names is cosmic e i just want to know if ozric is comming to sweden soon?

Seaweed: we'd love to come to sweden via christiania!


Zia : i wanna go to sweden!

Will you ever come in italy and play for us? (i don't know if you have already beeen here)

You are the best!!!

Seaweed: for the last 3 or 4 years we have had regular gigs in rome, milan, rimini, bologna amongst others, preferably in social centres!

Zia : see us this year, we’ll be back.


Hei,my name is tanja and i live in the deep forrests of norway.

I have loved your music since i first heard it ( in san pedro spain, in a fullmoon on aciiiid.will you ever come to norway?if you do, youre welcome to stay here in our teepee. Love tanja

Fantastic! Sounds lush!

Zia : i wanna go to norway!


Hi, two questions.....first, we the people of the united states of america would love to see you tour over here. Will that happen this year?

Seaweed: we're doing our best

Zia : I wanna.. We’ll be coming back. Promise.


Gee Why didnt you guys play either of the last two strange daze festivals here?(usa) im assuming you were asked but had prior comittments or it was to costly but i am curious for the truth.

Seaweed: usa is a long way away for us - we have to have a package of gigs to make it work

(questions) Hello lads, will you be doing any gigs in southern ireland this year and if so where and on what dates?

Seaweed: we'd love to...no dates yet, but ireland is a recent lovely discovery for us

Zia : ireland is cool.

(questions) are ozrics or eat static playing glastonbury mega festival this june?

(scotty)i think so. We're hoping to, but we havn't been confirmed yet.


Hi guys

A simple one.....regarding your upcoming tour, please make sure dublin`s on the itinerary. Love your stuff, though i`m quite new to it all. Thanx for the music - after all these years i`v got to catch up with everything now.

Best wishes


(southern ireland)

(scotty) - an irish tour is being looked into


I cant believe we can ask you questions on the internet. Its great!! I am proud to have seen you at the la in dec last year, and it was fantasic.i spoke to john before the gig and he gave me a beutiful autograph(john if you remember me ,i was the cheeky chap from canterbury!) I first heard you 6 yrs ago when i was travelling in indonesia.i was on a deserted island just off samatra and met this guy with a walkman which had 2 tiny speakers connected to it, we would lie their looking up at the stars. Real good memories,you know. One question i would love to ask you would be, that you must be making lots of money?

(much laughter)

And is it difficult for you not to get too commercial or get roped in to materialism or may be thats what you want?

The simple answer is that we haven't got any money! We would like to....eat!!

Seaweed: we still haven't worked that particular paradox out...surely if you are mega successful, then there is less pressure to be commercial - i see those pressures more in bands looking for their first deal, not knowing whether to compromise to get their first foot on the ladder...personally, i'm still waiting for someone to even offer the chance to sell out!!!!!!!

Are any of you religious in any way or do you follow your own beliefs?all the best to you....

(rad) own beliefs

(ed) a mixture of the two

Seaweed: you mean making space music isn't a religion?

Zia : my beliefs are an incoherent mish-mash of easy-come easy-go deities, roumours and fads.

(questions) will ozric tentacles perform in holland any time soon? (or any time at all)

Seaweed: we've been loads of times - check the listings for the milky way...

Zia: holland and the hollish people are one of our favourites.

(questions) why did you cancel the show in northampton?????????????????????

(scotty) that was down to an agent.


Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that you are the best group i've heard in a long time. Any idea when you might release a new cd?

Should be something out late summer.

(questions) what is the status of rad?

(rad) - i'm good. The back is much better. It was down to my posture when i'm sat at the kit. It's sorted now.

(questions) hi! . Where i come from (denmark) mentioning ozric tentacles is like teaching astroscience to an infant youre simply unknown around this place so my question will be..... Is there any chance that you guys actualy are dropping by here to give us a show it's quite easy to come around if you have to go to germany and i'm sure you'll sell so give us danes a shot of that special ozric beverage, we desparetly need it. Daniel.

Seaweed:i have many friends in christiania, so we'd love to come but we're not known well in scandinavia or germany


Have been fetching the pongmaster since '95 with arborescence. Dying to see you guys agog in the ether in the u.s. are there any u.s. tour plans in the near or not distant future?

Did you ever think of putting together an album of covers from your inlfuences like gong, kraan, hawkind, tangerine dream et. Al.?

No - it's not really our thing.although we used to play the "ohm" riff (gong)


(questions) is there ever a time when the band will do shows in the san francisco, ca area?

Seaweed: we did the filmore a year ago


How do you do it ? Why dont eat static like your stuff anymore ?

Ask them!

Am i just hallucinating ? (i dont think so) who is that weird guy who comes and "talks" to you if you go to too many ozric gigs ?

(eveyone decides that this must be scotty) is he wearing slippers and carrying a tea-tray?

Zia : i wasn’t aware they don’t like it.


Howdy guys, any plans to come to the usa? I think we are finally ready for you. Would you ever consider making a very ambient album?

My favorite ozric is things like "toltec spring" (ed - cool!)which do not have such a driving beat. I think a concept album devoted to slow tempos would be great in your repetoir.

Finally, thank you for your music....i love it.

Yeah, definitely one day.

Seaweed: the return of nodens icthus???????

Zia : i like that idea………an album for the 40+ age group!

 (questions) sorry no question but i love your stuff!!. I've seen you in the uk 20 times now, and i hope alot more!!. Many thanks for making music that takes me away from a boring life!!!

Happy to oblige!

Zia : thank you, man.

On personal tastes


Do you guys like the grateful dead? Even though your music is very different, i think the approach is similar, also the vibe of the show seems sort of communal, like theirs. Ive been an ozric fan for years and enjoy listening/turning people on to your music.

Yes - i suppose so, but i don't know a great deal of their stuff.

Seaweed: i've got a good mate who turned me on to the whole acid-test thing and opened my eyes to the dark star, but like you say it's more about the common spirit of adventure than any similarity in the music


Ed- what were the last 5 cd's in your cd player?

Afro-celt sound system, tab 2(kraan bass-player), nodens ictus (own cd), spongal and eclipse.

(questions) who are some of ed's favorite guitar players?

Hendrix,vai,satriani,zappa and hillage

What music do you guys listen to ?

(see previous questions)

Seaweed:gong, genesis pre-75,can,camel,caravan,elp,eat static,zion train,bob marley,gladiators,local pirate dub stations,king crimson,ian dury,techno trance off my mates' tapes,funky movie soundtracks,ravi shankar,shakti,hari prasad,system 7,early floyd,todd rundgren (especially utopia),aphex twin,squarepusher,santana, soundgarden, chilli peppers,amon dull 2,national health ,massive attack ,herbie hancock...need i go on?


Does the artist blim have any art work out there besides the bands album covers? Like the bands music Its fantastic!

(yes - can be seen at the gigs and hopefully on the bands' own website - coming soon)

 (questions) you guys rock... If you guy's ever take drugs, what's your drug of choice?

(much laughter) fresh air!!!

 On cds/other materials


As a huge fan of your music and also a vinyl enthusiast, i'm wondering how to get hold of any albums on lp. Here in australia the albums are only available

On cd. I was lucky enough to pick up erpland and strangeitude from a private collection (secondhand), but i'd love to get hold of any others. Does anyone

Know how? P.s i'd also be really interested in a keyboard list if there's one around. - daniel

Good luck! All the vinyl's deleted.


Is it possible to order ozrics t-shirts ?(see tour and web-site)

Ed, how do you play disolution (what delay settings etc) ?

I don't know speed or settings - just experiment!

 (questions) Being that i am an ozric "completist" who can't find "live underslunky" anywhere on the web or in any retail stores, i was curious to see if there were any plans to rerelease "live underslunky" on the original masters series.

Yes - contact the label for dates.


Can i get hold of the bonus trax alone from the re-mastered discs?i,ve already got all the original cd's.

Unfortunately not. I wish it wasn't so. That's record companies for you. It's a good idea though.


Any idea if where i might get a copy of spice doubt? Two of my friends have copies but i'd rather like to get hold of one for myself. I missed it when it came out but there is a gaping hole in my ozric collection where this recording should be. Hope you can help in the mean time i'll keep searching . . .

P.s. The version of sploosh from above (and the last tour) rocks (ed)

(a few more have been found - details to follow shortly)

Did you get to see the video my good pal richard made of your gig at the fleece in bristol in january? The quality is extremely good.

(scotty has it - he will sort ed out with copy)

He has forwarded a copy to scotty...he mentioned about getting the di-ed sound from the desk put onto it.


I remember many moons ago you used to do athur mix tapes what have you, any how i have a few degenerated copies of ethereal tape such as the ozric tentacles guide to marijuana growing and the errrmmm nodens ictus live at the fridge. I was wondering if there was any chance of getting owt like that again coz my tapes are so worn out and i really like that stlye especially some of the speshi spashi shanti stuff. Well i suppose i can but try. If you don't know what i'm on about then perhaps i could tape some for you ! That would be novel, and send it to you thought the quality will be a bit on the rough side. I've kinda lost touch with stuff a bit recently coz i decided to finish working for slave drivers and do some thing for the environment. So i decided to do a degree in ecology parlty inspired by your more ambient and natural sounds oh ye thats a good one, how about an ozric tentacles ambient album going back the more airy spaces like on sliding gliding ? That would be ace, what do you say?

(definitely,when it's possible.)

There's a possibility of a rare/outtakes album in the future.


(questions) how can i get the 6-disc box set "vitamen enhanced"?

(unfortunately only via record fairs,private sellers etc. It's deleted)


Ed: do you acknowledge hair polish (in a backwards sort of way, i mean)? Or am i talking bolshem? How's bro rolie? That ol' falling-forward rund um die uhr fusoid pulloff kraanological? Played your (was it a super 400?)couple of gigs, er, "gigs" at u sussex (the groovetones, seminal 80's falmer rootsmeisters). Gamelan (degung sunda)7-year expat interlude leaves this yank plank-spanker trying now stateside to make my six nickelwounds emulate shorter, sharrock, dolphy,s. Burhan,little walter & fripp. Before i visited your (ancestral) home, i thought wimbledon was just a tennis court! Can i sell my c90 of bolshem as some kind of rarity without fear of legal reprisal? Just kidding - no such intent. All the best - j. Chrome-roscoe

That's somebody having a really strange......that's really wierd.the hair polish thing rings a bell. I want to know who you are!

I do acknowledge hair polish,yes....


As a fan of all of the music you guys have made, i am disappointed that there are no plans for remastered versions of live underslunky and the cds that comprised the vitamin enhanced box set. Do you guys have any opinons on this issue?

(they're coming - please hassle the record company)


Hello fellow members of the band...

I have baeen a fan and have followed your work very closely ( perhaps a stalker?) And once, i believe that erik met my brother and he asked to have a song named after him. Has this happened yet? His name is hanna gargour.


Who's erick? (much confusion over this one...)


We just would like to know if it is again possible to have ozric tentacles's cd in the old edition, namely dovetail edition.

We also have the impression that ozric doesn't like france. Are we wrong?

When will we have the great pleasure to see ozric in the mystical desert forest of the middle of the france, namely the region called (in french) auvergne?

(definitely no more releases on the dovetail label,see note elsewhere)

Seaweed: don't forget we played the "out there" festival in normandy 2 years in a row - 96 + 97 ?

Zia : i like france and would love to play a proper show there.


Any chance of getting them old tapes re-released (as cds of course)?

Most of them seem out of print and unavailable.

Seaweed: when life calms down a bit


Have you ever played 'curious corn' live ?

No,we haven't. It's all sequenced so we wouldn't have much to do!

Can I purchase posters t-shirts via mail order ?

(definitely - details coming soon - watch this space...)

 (questions) I would like to know how i can get hold of any film footage of the ozrics, as there was a video you could get in 92 but cant get hold of now, do you know how i can obtain it?

(nothing out at the moment,but definitely planning some - watch this space)


Are you going to release a cd of unreleased and bonus tracks? Cause there are alot of people who bought the original cd's without the bonus tracks (like myself) and i would like to have these songs without buying the cd's all over again.

I can't wait for your new studio album.... You guys rock!!!!!!

Seaweed: see above, but we definitely do want to release some stranger corners of our world in the future...maybe on the net???????

(questions) well, i've shot a video using the music of ozric tentacles, i wonder if they want to see it and maybe use it. It lasts eight minutes and is made only of images and music. It was shot in rome. Thanks simona

(sounds mad - the band would love to see it - will be in touch)

 (questions) will we ever see live archive material? How about mail order like the gd (dick's picks)

Again,possibly in the future


What's an ozric (i know what a tentacle is)?

"ozric" means "cosmic energy"

 (footnote - all answers in brackets have been writtn by the interviewer)